Friday, April 11, 2008

Controversial Last Supper

Even i wouldnt have the balls to be as confident as that cat pier pasolini. The dude made a rendition of the "christ's last supper" a famous/infamous painting by leo da vinci. The painting has sparked controversy again.. It features jesus sitting with his desciples(who are cavorting and masturbating each other under the table...!!!!)
I dont posses the pictures myself but they are deemed graphic..

And these paintings are ironically exhibited at a museum of Vienna's Roman Catholic Cathedral...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

POD - When Angels And Serpents Dance

These dudes havent been on the scene for a they are back

with new music. here's the first single from their new album of the same name

aptly titled "when angels and serpents dance"

tight song kinda reminds me of their early songs called "Will You" a couple of years back

album came out yesterday (april 8th)

Iron Man

Iron Man - Theatrical Trailer 2

Cant wait for this shit to hit the screens...its gonna be huge, well..this and hancock!!!


Will Smith outdid himself, even i didnt expect the I am Legend Movie to be that big but he proved otherwise.. great stuff. Now he got a new movie comin' out called Hancock (previously known as "Tonight He Comes") I Know he aint gonna dissapoint in this one...He plays an acoholic superhero going through some kind of midlife crisis, who gets help from a publicist whose wife he is boning..interesting stuff....