Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stone cold sober..

Really, being a goodie two shoes is hard work man, seriously.
People just take your kindness for weakness and treat you like an idiot.
So i guess there's no taking prisoners this year, i'll just be an asshole through out
I'm done..patience is a virtue my ass..If you keep quiet, these fools walk all over you.So it's time to tell them what they wanna hear,in my opinion "shit talkin"
I mean I'm not here to save the world..im just one man, why do you gotta annoy the hell out of me.i cant afford patience, it's too expensive these days..besides i got my own battles..jackass!!
And after you speak your mind out then it's "oh you just drunk, man dont talk like that" well how about this, you think i'm crazy, you think im hazy, but im stone cold sober..BITCH!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Damn!!! been gone for a minute. we barely past 2010 puberty but already so much has happened..the earth quake in haiti, Teddy pendegrass' passing nuclear physicist assasinated, that nigerian cat tried to blow himself up in an american airline...man it's all just too much to process, it's like 2009 all over again. But despite all this shit storm of ills and what have you, id have to say that life as we know it must go on and i've had a hell of a good time during my hiatus..so much Joy!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Album of the week..

been out for a few years but just listen to this..it's tight..