Friday, May 29, 2009

Phats & Small - Tonite..

"the rhythm's gonna get you tonight!!!"

what a job..

Someone gets fired, and another one gets suspended. The reason? talking crap about their bosses on facebook. A day in the life in the 21st century. This happened in south africa a couple of days back. you dont see that everyday.
Now i dont quiet think these guys are working for the same company, but i found myself chuckling when i read that the one who got fired called his boss a serial masturbator or something like that..
If there's one thing i've learned about this whole internet thing is that everybody's watching and you cant vent in an open forum like that while you dont know who's reading what you are talking about, especially on facebook, come on!!
I do admit though that a lot of people got issues with their bosses for obvious reasons (low pay-check, unhygienic work environment,lack of motivation), and it really pisses you off when you know you are doing all the work while some "suit" just barks orders at you while he gets fat like a pig.

This is when i usually recommend watching officespace. i guarantee you that you'll feel better the next day you get to work. Because it's a movie about blue collar workers frustrated with their jobs and boss

Devin the dude ft. Snoop dogg and andre 3000 - what a job

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Landlord..

Hilarious shit!!

Dow Jones..

Album of the week..

Redman & Methodman

Rap's dynamic duo is back on their bullS*** ten years after they debuted the instant classic "Blackout!" in 1999..
Im quiet sure all the weed smokers will be bumping this during the weekend.
Redman & Method Man - Ayo

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yolanda's house..

Story telling has never been this fun, since the slick rick days. Ghost face always knows how to bring the story to life with his vivid imagination. Once i listened to this song i was laughing all the way through to the end and method man just adds to that laughter when he comes in with the second verse. And Raekwon finishes off with a decent third verse..the song's like a Friday-type-comedy-movie..only decent and well documented in just about three minutes one of my favorite songs off of "Big Doe rehab" by Ghostface Killah..

Starring: Ghostface
Method man

The story starts from a narrative in the present as he continues to tell a story about how he escaped a drug bust from the police. It later turns out that he is actually telling the story to the girl “Yolanda” as he’s currently at yolanda’s house. And with this story she got so excited that that one thing led to another. And ghostface is about to have sex with her asking where the condoms are and, that’s when he heard the cops coming and ran upstairs he hid behind the wall before opening a door to a room upstairs only to find Method Man having raw sex jumping in panic with genitals hanging out, while ghostface jumped in the closet, laughing at method man with method frowning on ghost to be quiet. Then method man continues to condemn ghostface’s actions telling him he was supposed to knock before getting in saying that his girl’s got asma and that’s when method man gets cut off by his telephone ringing and it’s raekwon on the other end……
enough spoilers listen to the song…

Ghostface ft. Method Man & Raekwon – Yolanda’s house

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sex on fire..

Sex is probably the best incetive one can actually have the opportunity to enjoy when during the whole man/woman thing. It's hard to actually get girls that can tell you they wanna have consesual casual sex with you with no strings attached without alcahol indirectly being involved in the whole situation.
Since the time it's been suggested that sex is healthy, dude's have found new ways to come up with pick up lines attributed to that statement and, we continue to get away with it continously..
It (sex) is the only thing done by humans, and dolphins for fun (apparently).
And since winter's just begun over's literally mating season right now na na!!!! everybody's in heat,if my assumption serves me right, there's bound to be a baby boom in the near future (nine months from now to be exact)..and telling from the drunk/heavily under the influence people i see hooking up after clubbing, no offense, but i can honestly say these are gonna be some stupid babies...reminds of of the movies - Hills have eyes & Wrong turn..

Kings of leon - sex on fire

Friday, May 22, 2009

Album of the week..

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Ever since they dropped that single "everything id everything" a couple of years back, ive been following this band's work consistently and i havent been dissapointed. This album is a breath of fresh air, with all these holidays, it's a cool album to listen while you play around in photoshop or gimp..
Phoenix - Lisztomania

I do it for hip-hop..

Whoever came up with internet explorer 7 should be shot. It irritates the shit out of me, i had to download a bug fix to sort out the filter problem. if i had it my way i would have switched back to IE that i've explained the reason behind my absentia, it's time to move on.

I cant imagine a world without hip-hop. i not talking about soulja boy, but real hip-hop. I remember when i first got the 2pac tape (me against the world) i was so excited, if an orgasm had another meaning that should have been it for me. Reciting them lyrics and making was a beautiful thing!! so for me to hear a song that gives homage to rap, and on top of that three of your favorite rappers dropping "nice" sixteens to a beat that aint begging your attention.

Ludacris ft. Nas & Jay Z - I do it for hip-hop