Friday, January 30, 2009

Jake One Ft. Brother Ali & Freeway

"You aint grow in this invironment, who are you to comment" - Brother Ali

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Day..

a bad day by ~quemas on deviantART
That's why life is so good. i mean you get to have bad days when literally everything is just going from bad to worse and nothing at all goes in your favor. It gets you to thinking. Of all the 8 billion plus people in the world, the odds are just against you on that particular day. Nothing like..oh just one thing goes wrong today and then everything goes back to normal, but no the whole day man..what the f**K!?
Can you imagine an existence without bad days though? Man i cant.. the world would be boring man! you cant be happy all the time.It's impossible.Just the mere thought of it is despicable.You can smile like Ronaldhino everyday, but behind closed doors you'll be throwing tantrums like a cheerleader, talking to yourself furiously.
I get to thinking sometimes, that this whole heaven-happily-ever-after thing they talk about in the bible is maybe just a metaphor for something else and is not to be taken literally..sooner or later everybody's gonna have a bad day when sh** hits the fan, period!

R.E.M - Bad Day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new day..

Obama bio cover by ~Eldelgado on deviantART

Obama by ~whyamitheconvict on deviantART

Barack Obama 01 by =StudioFovea on deviantART

Barack Obama 02 by =StudioFovea on deviantART

President Obama by *Omega300m on deviantART

OBAMA by *spacecoyote on deviantART
Today marks a day that's bound to go down in history as President elect Barack Obama officially becomes America's commander in chief. It seems Martin Luther King Jr's speech has indeed been realised, and this becomes a monumental moment that will forever be embedded in everybody's minds.I now wonder what Immortal Techniq and other rappers are gonna rap about..but let's wait and see if there truely will be a change in terms of foreign policy and what have you in the coming months..its not gonna be easy, but hey! nobody said it would be easy..

Wyclef ft. Bono - A New Day

Will.iam - Yes We Can

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How i met your mother..

The title of the sitcom kinda threw me away the first time i heard of it. i thought it was some kind of middle age melo-drama filled with sob stories about a middle aged man's midlife crisis. so i ignored it until a little while back i watched it and i havent laghed so hard since george bush's shoe incident last month. It's very original and funny..all these other tired sitcoms dont even come close..and the funny thing is that everybody can relate to Ted, the protagonist and it wouldnt be good without Barney, the funniest of the bunch, all his scenes are gotta see..

"i'm surrounded by Idiots..idiots!" - Barney

The Chain of screaming..season 3-episode 15

this is on on my top ten list of sitcoms..its a breath of fresh air..priceless!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Man..i swear i if hear another fool talk about their resolution for the year i better have an raptured aneurism in my brain, because if i dont.. i'm gonna slap the taste out of any fool who tells me their cheesy ass pledges for the year.
These are some of the ones i get to hear every year:

1. "I'm going to quit drinking this year"
This is probably the most irritating, unoriginal, cheeziest line i keep hearing every year, i mean F**k if you blew you money drinking dont try to rush and cover up that fact, just to be assumed to be a responsible is cheap! i'll believe when i see it damn it.what people instead ignore to mention is that "damn january is a mutha..i'm not gon drink because i aint got sh** and i'm waiting to get back on my feet again..and until then i'm gonna chill on the alcohol"

2."Settle all my debts"
now this one is just plain stupid.. i mean everybody knows that as long as you are a tax payer debts are always gonna be there..true story you cant live without debts man trust me all you can do is probably settle your damn arrears and what have you cant buy everything cash man..thats a figment of your imagination..

3. "Eat healthy!"
you are still alive arent you? i mean if you werent eating healthy i could've been at your cremation last year, so stop being so conceited, because believe me there are far worse issues happening to people and you dont wanna know..

4."Have a new look"
straight bullshit! who you trying to be man?be your self dawg.. as long as you took a shower, got some good clothes (prince pants dont count), your breath dont stink, cologne and roll-on you straight bruh..

5."Change my attitude"
well..that depends on what you mean by attitude..if you mean you are in your mid thirties and you are still wearing baggy jeans and durags then yah you definetely need to grow up dawg..its about time you had a wake up aint a kid no more..GROW UP!
So next time you try to tell me your resolutions think it through..come up with something original..or keep it to dont need to tell me just hang the list in you room somewhere..and maintain it

Blu - Maintain

Bishop Lamont - Grow Up (Produced By Dr. Dre)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New year..

Man its a new year. its good to be back had hell of a good time in the K.M. its healthy to kinda take time off and just goof around for a few weeks and come back with a good mind state, i aint regretting we move on.

still trying to get used to the fact that i should write 2009 instead of 2008 on shit i write..