Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday bloody sunday..

gloomy sunday by =is-blind on deviantART
Negro please..don't even try to tell me that crap about how if you never drunk anything for the whole weekend you wouldn't feel like crap on Sunday, because I've been there done that. Sunday is just the most f**ked day of the week and it has nothing to do with taking alcohol or not, it's a mental thing. when you know that "damn tomorrow it's work again, it's just messed up because Saturday spoils you like a mother****** and by Sunday you start pondering if you should call your workplace to arrange an off day. And by the next Sunday you are at it again, typical humans..

U2 - Sunday bloody sunday

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Music sounds better with you..

Somjit dancing by *scottchurch on deviantART
Strange when you tune into your favorite radio station, and there's this song they keep playing every time, which you don't like and it annoys the hell out of you. so you switch off the radio, get dressed up and go to the club and what do you hear? the same song playing again, only this time you are drunk, as you sit there by the bar you check out the dance floor for prey..You see a beauty dancing synchronously to the song and she's only calling you with her index and middle finger. of course you gonna go and show her some moves even though you are not a dude who dances much, before you know it, and after your lady friend sleeps'll be tap dancing to that same song you hated so much as soon as it plays on your fave station..Real can listen to a song but you might not like it, but it starts sounding better when you are with someone else..

Stardust - Music sounds better with you

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I know..that time is nearing again, when we all have to pay bills and shout at each other over unpaid debts and what have you. People are not happy anymore during the end of the month..matter of fact It's the only time most guys with jobs start to look like they having girls please be patient with a dude come month-end, he's got a lot on his mind(and i'm not talking about Georgia..sorry Ray charles)
But on the real though..People keep worrying about this bullshit every time. If you know the shit's coming then you shouldn't worry because you are aware of what to expect, and worrying is not gonna help the situation. Keeping your cool when you face these kind of "shits" life throws at us allows us to make decisions that are rational. When you are pissed off, or worrying too much you might as well get locked up in a padded room because you are a danger to yourself and others. "if you are cool, then I'm cool and we cool"

Anthony Hamilton - Cool
i just post links, so if there are any babies born after you listen to this song, I wont be held!!

Album of the week..

MF Doom - Born like this...dropped March 24th!!

MF Doom - Lightworks
been waiting for thiss album for a minute now..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show me the good life..

When you have a job, everything is put into perspective for you and you begin to understand shit. I'm talking like this because i used to bug peeps when i was unemployed, much younger and hedonistic.
So it's like dejavu when a kid starts crying about "i want that John Cena action figure" because i was in those shoes years ago. In my younger days all i ever wanted were toy soldiers, that's it. i stole a couple of times but i was caught by security, and i had to cry my ass out of that situation(which is an advantage when you are a kid). Today kids are as old as their parents (who are kids themselves) and they end up fighting for the same John cena action figure.
How do you explain to a kid that you can't afford to buy him that bike that he's always wanted(without mentioning bills) after he gives you a report card with straight A's. And you are knee deep in debt, barely getting you feet wet with life. I certainly hope i wont be such a parent when i get the call that she's in labor.

Blu & Exile - Show me the good life

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009


Damn it's good. I can't imagine it's been 19 years since the country first got it's independence. It's good to see that since then we've been one of the few countries in Africa that's had no civil wars or any xenophobic attacks and i hope we grow as a people striving for the common good.
Imagine the irony in Namibia celebrating independence the same day that so much has happened in history.
-It's on this day in 1965 that Martin Luther King Jr led 3,200 people on the start of the third and finally successful civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.
- 1980, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Brazilian international footballer was born.
- In south africa it's celebrated as a human rights day.
- In Australia it's celebrated as Harmony Day

Carrie underwood - Independence day
more on march 21st

David Cook - Light on..

David Cook - Light On (Official Music Video) - Click here for funny video clips
I'm feeling this song right now.. my fave American idol since Ruben Studdard & Daughtry.
This song kinda reminds me of that song by Soundgarden called black hole sun or something, and this cat delivers his verses, he sounds like Chris Cornell.

15 most disturbing movies..

I haven't seen all these excerpt for "Requiem for a dream" and "Hills have eyes" and i doubt that i want to watch them, after all the gory details in their reviews below , and they appear as they are depicted at the website of the good folks at feel free to puke on your keyboard as you read through the reviews...

1. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Alexandre Aja's remake of the Wes Craven thriller The Hills Have Eyes both maintained and modernized the raw, gritty feel of the original, telling the same story of a family of terrorized travelers with unrelenting intensity and gore. There's certainly no lack of blood and guts to be found early on in the film, though it isn't the movie's gore factor that makes it so effectively disturbing. Rather, the assault on the camper about half-way through the film will undoubtedly test your horror-film resiliency. A gun is held to the head of a newborn while one of the attackers – a mutated redneck hill-dweller – suckles at the mother's breast. Meanwhile, a second attacker rapes the younger sister just inches away from the corpse of the gut-shot grandmother. All of which concludes with the brains of the new mother blown across the walls while the father, tied to a tree outside, screams and cries as flames engulf his body. It's a gut-wrenching, harrowing scene filmed with unflinching honesty, and never sentimentalized by director Aja. In many ways, it pulls fewer punches than Craven's original, which seems almost tame in comparison.

2.The Exorcist

There are definitely images to be found within The Exorcist that will both chill and disturb you, but perhaps nothing about the film is more disturbing than the simple conceit: There are forces of evil beyond our ability to control, beyond the natural world, which can press themselves upon us at any moment, robbing us of our minds and hearts, defeating our gods in favor of our devils. It is to the film's credit that much of the movie is played almost entirely within reality. We are witness to the relationship between a mother and her sick daughter and the soul-searching of a troubled priest. That these characters are treated as humans, allowed to be fully-fleshed and offered the appropriate drama, makes the scares that much more effective. A little girl lurching upward from the bed, molesting herself with a crucifix. Her head spinning around in a terrifying 360-degrees. The spider-walk down the stairs and the deep, throaty voice of the devil speaking through her. Each of these elements chills us to the bone for all the time we've spent in the company of real, legitimate characters, leading lives so very much like our own, suggesting that this could happen, perhaps, to us all…

3.A Clockwork Orange

Kubrick's classic adaptation of Anthony Burgess' 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange offers a more stylized and poetic dissertation on the violent side of human nature. The story of a man named Alex and his "droogs" – his companions in ultra-violence – the film depicts a relentless succession of seemingly unmotivated murders, beatings and rapes. No character emerges from the film unscathed by their own avarice. Most chilling, however, is the often strange juxtaposition between the film's violent imagery and music seldom associated with such brutality, such as when Alex frequently croons "Singing in the Rain" when committing some of his most heinous acts. Malcolm McDowell's cold, icy performance, Kubrick's distant, unsentimental direction and the imagery of the Ludovico treatment make A Clockwork Orange one of the classically disturbing films about the dark depths of the human mind.


Audition is the kind of film made legendary by tales of audience members fainting, vomiting or fleeing the theater in a rage. Japanese director Takashi Miike – known for any number of equally controversial films – has crafted a truly disturbing, though never quite terrifying, film about obsession. When Aoyama falls in love with Asami, he can't know the atrocities she's committed. He can't know about the men she's murdered, and the dismembered, tongueless, footless, fingerless man she keeps in the burlap sack inside her home. The same man who laps up the vomit she hurls into a dog dish every evening. Aoyama can't know what she plans to do to him, paralyzing him, torturing him with needles in his eyes and severing his foot with piano wire. And neither can we. Which makes the film all the more stomach wrenching as we watch these acts unfold on-screen.


Prior to his murder, Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini crafted a film based upon the Marquis de Sade's classic work, "The 120 Days of Sodom." That film was called Salo. It told the tale of four powerful men – a bishop, a duke, a magistrate and a president – all of whom retreat to a palace in Italy with a number of kidnapped men and women, as well as a handful of prostitutes, and require the participants to debase themselves in the most horrific of ways. Rape and torture abound, as well as the consumption of human excrement. Those who do not participate are murdered.

sorry i couldnt go on...ihave a weak see the rest of the list click here..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Album of the week..

Brother Ali - The Truth Is Here EP

My favorite albino rapper is back with an EP of six new songs and a couple of b-side tracks. what can i say, im excited about this. I also heard he'll be releasing a new album soon, to be titled "street preacher" cant wait.
here's a track from link:
Brother Ali - Philistine David

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fast love..

Cheating happens all the time in society, and most of the cliched reasons are always that one partner has a midlife crisis and wants more exciting things to do with young boys, or simply because the partner is not up to par with the other partner sexually. Sometimes it's just solely that the one partner just got involved with the other person just for the money and doesn't necessarily love the person. There are a lot of reasons, but these are the most common. And people always seem to take the consequences for granted and someone always gets hurt.
I was watching that "cheaters" show the other day and it got me to thinking. America is such a land of opportunity indeed, for someone to go around and exposing deemed "cheaters" and actually getting away with it.
If that type of thing ever got picked up in Namibia on the local television networks, man i bet the host would be in a coma by now. People here have no time for patience and games. I mean this guy (Joe Greco) actually gets into the faces of these so called "cheaters" and ask questions over and over. And he gets away with it most of the time(excerpt for this time when he got stabbed), and what surprises me is the fact that he's not actually built or look like a person in a position to actually defend himself from these people he continues to interrogate.
If that was done here (its called home of the brave for Christ sake) people would get medieval on his ass, with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch type shit.

George Michael - Fast love

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The saints are coming..

What if you woke up one morning and decide to rid the world, of criminals you think should be punished in your own justification. We all do sometimes. some of the horrific sh** happening in our society is just plain disturbing and it feels kinda bad not doing anything about it.And marching around town chanting anti-crime slogans doesnt really help that much. You always get the feeling that police are not always doing their best.
Namibia was such a beautiful country right around independece, but it is slowly becoming a haven for criminals. And it's despicable, the country is barely past puberty and already we got criminals that share calling-cards with the likes of Jason Voorhees.
If being a vigilante was to be legal in the coming years, i was gonna sign up to clean the country off these bastards. Just like the Mcmanus brothers did in that movie "Boondock Saints".

Apparently everybody's irish on Saint patrick's day. So I'm gonna drink green beer (windhoek lager) later today..

U2 & Green Day - The saints are coming
here are a couple of trailers from the movie:

Friday, March 13, 2009


Liquid Sun by =iNeedChemicalX on deviantART
I kind of get this feeling every now and then that life might just be some dream and everything happening aint real, that i might either be (in reality) in a comma and im just dreaming all this up. Given the number of abundant dejavu's every now and then, I'm slowly believing that I'm into some kind of matrix-type sh**. That's why the term live you life to the fullest and don't stress about useless issues applies. Because you never know, you might wake up one day to find that you are in reality a quadriplegic that's got pipes stuck up the ass and having a vocoder type voice machine stuck to your throat while your family wait for the right time to euthanize your ass to oblivion.
I'm just saying stay happy and keep the positive energy (your mojo) and appreciate the Sh** you got, because tomorrow's another day and you never know what could unfold. Always keep you mojo, never lose your sense of humor

Peeping Tom - Mojo

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Album of the week..

Snow Patrol - A Hundred Million Suns

I just love snow patrol...they don't disappoint this album is cool. it's in stores now, go grab it. more info on it here

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Muse - Bliss

nice song, and video goes well with it..

It's coming around again..

Vive la Democratie... by *BenHeine on deviantART
It's time once again..that we get out there and register for voting. as we move closer the voting dates a bunch of vehicles will be seen in a bunch of communities in these few weeks. And it's a good thing. I think there's gonna be more new voters when that time comes (to vote) as a lot of young people are seeing things that are happening and debating on certain issues going on in the country, and I'm one of them..
Rather than just voting, i would have liked to see our presidential candidates have a live debate on television and radio and answer questions from a mediator with an arsenal of questions from people around Namibia. This would be the only proof to show the audience at large how each political leader will deal with the issues at hand in the country. Rallies don't mean anything..just a bunch of politicians going on and on dissing other parties and not actually telling people what they want to hear.

Simon Webbe by ~Godas on deviantART
Simon Webb - Coming around again

Friday, March 6, 2009

After u die..

Death by ~marak24 on deviantART
It's funny how people in general behave when a person dies. I'm not talking about mourners per-se. I mean we are all human after all, when someone close to you dies it's normal for people to grieve. I've lost a couple of people close to me during the early phase of the new millennium, and up to now i find it difficult to go on sometimes. So i know what I'm talking about.
What pissed me off during those difficult times was what i saw what continued to happen at wakes and funerals. A series of events that I've come to witness have led me to become skeptical about the whole tradition(funerals and wakes). In my own perspective i think it's losing what it stood for, and there are a few irritations that have transpired i just cant take anymore taking place at these Aforementioned rituals.
The greatest of all these irritations is the audacity of your enemies, and fake ass friends showing up at your funeral "to pay respects". What? pay respects? man you never had respect for me when i was alive and you think coming to my wake is respect? Either you are English linguistically challenged or stupid, because to me that's more of an insult than respect. What i do consider to be respect though, is for you to stay the F*** away from my wake, did you see me send you an invite? that's what i thought "hell no!!"
why come now anyway? what is it gonna change. it's not like I'm gonna feel anything, I'm dead..remember??
Then there's funerals. From caskets to buying wreaths and what have you. Matter of fact,I'm starting to think funerals are out of style, cliched, and expensive. Cremation is the new swagger. So i might as well go out in style, and no asshole is gonna comment about what suit i was wearing at the wake, or how my face looked like in that casket. Just barbecue my ass and none of any of these ingrates will have shit to gossip about, besides I'm claustrophobic i wouldn't last two days in a grave.

Rakim Airbrush by ~kevinweichel on deviantART

Rakim - After u Die

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Album of the week..

The-Dream - Love vs. money

There's only a few r&b cats i listen to and this is one of them. i havent heard any dissapointing song from this guy, everything he gets on he smashes (okay that my love joint he did with mariah aint that good). His album about to drop (march 10th) I'm pretty sure its cool.
The-Dream - Rockin that thang

J Holiday - 2nd Round

Then of course there's J Holiday, he made a lot of noise with that "Bed" song in '07 and his album was the sh** babies were made to. It's a coincidence that they'll be dropping the same day next Tuesday. somehow i find it hard to believe, because dream actually penned that "bed" song, so this could be very well be a publicity stunt.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Secret

You need to see this documentary, it's very bullsh**..It's Tony Robbins meets Vincent Norman Peale's power of positive thinking..more detail on it here

Watchmen Trailer..

i'm looking forward to this..