Friday, November 28, 2008

Somebody's watching me..

Phones by ~skaska on deviantART
So the state has come up with a bill termed a 'spy clause' to bug all phone calls we make or receive, at a time when our faith in democracy is waning day by day. i mean i cant even be myself on the phone no more, because them black suits will be listening to everythin' on the phone..what is gonna be the diffrence between the state and peeping toms.. whatever happened to that thing called freedom of speech? or was it just a myth? last time i checked, one had the freedom to say whatever they wanted and on whatever platform he/she wished to do so, without some black suit scrutinizing everything.
if this bill is put approved a lot of people's lives will be at risk, especial journalists and their sources, just like the same crap that happens in zimbabwe..what the hell it aint gonna be democracy..but its gonna be more like that "Big Brother" bullshit i hate so much, and before you know it i'll be called into some diary room and get a smack upside my head..for writing this!

Rockwell ft. Michael Jackson - Somebody's watching me

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I know this is an old song..but its just in my head the whole week and the video is tight too. i especially like the lyrics to the song "scars remind us,the past is real" (borrowed from hannibal lecter himself, though i dont quiet remember from which movie but i think it was silence of the lambs) here goes..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Curious case of benjamin button: Trailer

Imagine a case whereby you get born old and you age backwards, intiresting stuff.. it stars Brad pitt and cate blanchett..

The Gummy Awards..

vote for your favorite blog..

Kunf Fu fighting..

This picture reminded me of a couple of things...
1. Chris Rock-No Sex in the chmpagne Room
"If a homeless person has a funny sign, He hasn't been homeless that long.he hasn't been homeless that long. A real homeless person is too hungry to be funny" - Chris Rock

havent heard that song in a minute, and what made it more funnier was the gerald levert ad libs, whenever chris rock asked a question in the song.
Chris Rock - No Sex (in the Champagne Room)
2. Carl Douglas - Kung fu fighting

Carl Douglas - Kung fu fighting
nothing else to say besides that its a..priceless song!
3.George Carlin's Rant about homelessnes and golf

..Carlin video on homelessness & Golf's mindless nature..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time wont let me go..

pic from
If time is an illusion, then i guess all we have left to cling onto are memories. When you think of what would have been, you kind of get lost inside your own head and kind of drift off for a minute. No wonder there's always that saying that goes "a mind is a terrible thing to waste”. You start dozing off thinking about a time in your life when you had the most fun time in your life and whatever happens, nothing will ever compare to that time, a classic moment. That’s what I like about this song because it kinda relates to that nostalgic situation, and has good lyrics to that effect.

The Bravery - Time wont let me go

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cookie jar..

Being monogamous is not easy..hell i cant even spell the damn word. males are sexual deviants, like it or not thats just the way we are and any dudes out there disputing this are just damn good liars who would have made fine lawyers had they not slept half way through law school. we just cant keep our hand out that cookie jar..i know my boy king solomon could have gave me a high five had he still been alive, because those cookies are just so scrumptious man...

Gym Class Heroes ft.The-Dream - Cookie Jar

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slow down..

by Donramill

Either we are going back to the stone age or hopefully it's just a phase, because drivers everywhere (epecially here,windhoek) are starting to behave like neanderthals. People reach traffic lights and just speed through that motherf**ker and its about to turn red..where are your manners? do you drive like that on your planet? i mean what's so important that you need to get to and risk the lives of people other than yourself, what? did you shit yourself or you just ate bad beans last night and you forgot to take a sh*t in the morning? and you are now in dire need of a lavatory? come on man...besides that's what being late means.That you are late.Even if you speed up you are already late, late is late and that is that god dammn time learn to switch off your tv early and get rid of that remote..sleep early, wake up early go to work early and evrybody's happy..

Wyclef ft. T.I - Slow Down

Album of the week..

good stuff if you into the underground raw sh** here's your chance to listen to one of the best underground groups of all time, bringing that raw horror-core ish!! not for the faint hearted!!you been warned..i found more infor on the album here
Jedi Mind Tricks - Monolith

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get Money, Spend Money, No Money

I personally dont have a problem with MTC (Mobile Telecommunications) coming up with a way to draw people to buying airtime as a means to promote their brand, but in the end it somehow feels as if its some kind of con..How do tell people to buy airtime for $10 and get $30 worth of airtime,and then have the audacity to threaten the very same people on that last day, that if they dont use their airtime before midnight, they stand a good 100% chance of forfeiting it,leaving them with the the initial $10..Its like telling people that there's a special in the shop. buy a g-string and get two for free..aww! mam, but wait you can wear the two right now(together) because if you dont by the end of the promotion tonight,if you havent used them yet we'll steal them back from you..

So what are people suppose to do? They end up calling people and talking dumm sh*t..on the same network that people with real emergencies have a problem getting through on.
So not only was the service a con, it was also an inconvinience to those who had had emergencies during the course of the whole "gimmick/publicity stunt" or whatever you wanna call it.

MTC Never learns from their mistakes, and i'm starting to wonder why, everytime they try this Sh*t the network becomes unreachable/hard to get through on.

I'm not saying that MTC had a bad idea..but what i'm suggesting is that next time, before doing such promos they should make sure their network can sustain large quantities of data transferred through from one point to another..and they should not seduce clients and then con them..its not fair!!Who knows how much money they made off of this, and to think they could have left people with their little free airtime as a token of appreciation,but what do they do? spit in the face of their customers...aarrgh!! damn!! never even happened in the bible for god's sake..
people had money..spent there's no money..they looking like dummies...

Ice Cube by ~nofxpunx on deviantART
Ice Cube -Get Money, Spend Money, No Money

Friday, November 14, 2008

Album of the week.

The Knux - Remind me in 3 days..

Hippie-rap has never beeen this fun since outkast. it the album also has a touch of cool kids formula. good stuff. review of album can be found here...shout out to Jeff weiss

The Knux - Fire

Position of power..

Politics are just as arrogant as golf. They both have one thing in common, they are mindless. In the sense that in golf, you got these assholes putting and putting the whole day trying to hit a little ball into holes it never wanted to go in the first place. Politics on the other hand, tend blow little issues out context..

Take the zimbabwe situation. everybody thought mugabe was the only bad guy, but now Tsvangirai is becoming a nuisense over nonsense..he's getting a big head, he wants more power..aarrrgh!! i dont even take these guys seriously anymore, its like a publicity stunt to get them into hollywood or some sh*t, or i could be wrong let me live it at that..

50 cent - Position of power

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kino Watson - Bring It On

the nineties were so tight...this song is something,,,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Album of the week..

88 Keys - The Death Of Adam

cop this when it comes out (nov 11th) of the coolest experimental hip-hop albums to listen to before 808s and heartbreak drops..
for album review click here
88 keys ft kanye west - viagra(stay up)

Micheal Chrichton 1942 - 2008

Author of celebrated novels like Jurassic Park,The Lost World,State of Fear,Sphere
Congo,Rising Sun, Disclosure and many more died from complications with cancer on the 4th of november 2008. R.I.P

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the winner is..

And the winner man..the first black president of the united states,self declared "little skinny black boy with a funny name",yours trully, Barack Obama has ignited hope and inspiration in people accross the world, america proves once again that, through obstacles one can still achieve his goals, And Mccain gave a very powerful example of this through his speech this morningEven though he faces many challenges ahead, i hope he continues to inspire the uninspired and give hope to those who feel like letting go. It's also kinda cool that Kenyan head of state Mwai Kibaki is gonna declare tomorrow (thursday) a holiday in Kenya to pay tribute to Obama..on that note i sign of with a fist raised above high..

Jay-Z -Roc Boys (and the winner is..)
Jay-Z ft. Nas - Success

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

May it be..

The d-day is finaly here, whatever the outcome, people are gonna be surprised from who's gonna run america when the results are revealed.will it be mccain, the oldest president to be in office. or Obama to be the first african american to ever win the american presidency. i'm rooting for Obama, i would like to see how he's gonna run the country after bush pretty much messed everything up in terms of foreign diplomacy and the war on *coughs* oil *coughs* sorry, terror!

Enya -May It Be

Behind the cow..

In the words of lewis black "this country has finally lost its mind"
I mean who in the hell fornicates with a cow, how's that even possible?
I lost a lot of sleep for just trying to think about it..i know a lot of people who are insecure when it comes to approaching women, but come on this is taking it a bit too far dont you think..some punk went and f**ked a cow and it gave birth to what appeared to be human-cow (complete with a human face, and hands and a tail), scary stuff. sounds like something out of a steven king novel or some sh*t. Only in caprivi!! the land of guys with supernatural powers (this is not a compliment)

whoever did this gives heart-throb caprivians like us a bad name and he should be cremated alive..
i mean i'd rather pay for sex than think of even atempting that stunt this fool pulled.word of advice to all sexual deviants, bestiality is not a hobby, if you start thinking of doing something like that, that's when you have to get your head examined..seriously what is wrong with people these days where's the pride.

scooter - Behind the cow