Friday, June 27, 2008

T. I - No Matter What

new T.I! addictive shit from the king of the south!!

Pilsudskiego Street

Pilsudskiego Street by ~kubica on deviantART
this is just so cool!

Sad Eyes Never Lie

sad eyes never lie by FS600 @ deviant

Damn! Its always weird what you'l find out if you go for a random check up at the doctors. Normarlly i'm just an ignorant dude when it comes to health issues and shit like that. i believe in fate alone to take care of things, so i was suprised to learn that my vizion was actually pretty much gettin messed up! my main intention of going to them eye specialists was just to use the hell out of my medical aid, cause those cats be deductin mad cash from my shh. Only to find out that i was partially blind..the specialist told me i might have glaucoma or some shh! what the f**k?
now i gotta rock some specs, lookin like one of them fantastic four dudes..

Puddle of Mudd - Blurry

Snow Patrol - Shut Your Eyes

Aerials In The Sky

pic Spring_is_coming_by_Eredel @

It seems the cold is really fading now bit by bit by the day. It aint as cold as it was last month. And that means spring is around the corner. Its funny how people are never happy with whatever weather is current. Its always either "too cold" or "too windy" and what have you. we are never happy.

"Sky Galavanting"

sky by ilpavone2004 @

There's speculation that an american spy plane is making the rounds on the borders of botswana near the namibian side, specifically around the areas of kavango delta.
I mean isnt that a security risk? would you be happy if a peeping tom was living next to you and saw you jerkin' off through his binoculars.. it wouldnt be a pretty sight. If we did the same to these dudes then we would be considered terrorists and shit like that..what the fuck?

I cant believe that stubbon dude from pyongyang (kim jong il) is actually willingly trying to disarm. the world is coming to an end man...unbelievable!!

read full story here:;_ylt=A9G_RmWhqWRIDyoB4xOs0NUE

System Of a Down - Aerials
System Of a Down - Toxicity

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do it Big..

Man its wednesday already..[*sigh] i gotta admit the year is moving too fast. cant believe my nephews (i call 'em my kids) are about to finish school is graduatin' the other with high-school got me feelin like an old man up in here!! these dudes are trendsetters proud!!! doin it big!!

pic is good_feeling by karil @

Ice Water - Do it Big ft Busta Rhymes

"on the other side of things......"

On the other side of things (In Zimbabwe) its been fucked up to see what that cat mugabe is doing..making a grown man (Tsvangirai) flee to the dutch embassy like that, fearing for his life and shit, thats messed up. I'm starting to think lose hope on africa , cause all these "diplomat" cats are doing is just visiting the country (mbeki in particular) and talking parables about the situation. Its obvious that if the election run-off goes on, Tsvangirai aint gonna continue with them rallies...Its not long ago that he was under similar circumstances. Ihope this furor fades away quick, cause everybody is eyeing on the AU to prove that the west aint the only ones who can solve this type off political ills. Like edwin star said in that song featuring in the rush hour movies "war, what is it really good for absolutely nothing.."

if cats are still skeptical about war, listen to war's effects in this attention to the second will stop breathin'

From Top : R.A The Rugged Man and Jedi mind tricks

Jedi Mind Tricks - uncommon valor (a vietnam Story) ft R.A The Rugged Man

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hancock Trailer

this shit is hilarious!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Roc boys in the buildin'....

gotta take my hat to big homie pohamba for subsidizing
food prices and what not 15 percent. the price is still high still. kinda better than nothin' i guess..and the government stands to spend around 34 million dollars for doing this, i guess we have to appreciate..its a celebration bitches!!!L'chaim!!

Jay- Z - Roc boyz (and the winner is)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father & Son

pic from

Pic From
I'm not a father my self, and its a pity my dad's not around for this occasion(yesterday) (he kicked the bucket before i was born). so i would like to say happy father's day to all the fathers who work hard and provide for their kids..cause this world is so cold(literally & metaphorically) so kudos to all the dads around the world this one's to you /*lifts a shot of tequila and seeps*/

I thought this track goes well with the occasion, even though james blunt sounds rather cocky if you pay attention to the lyrics. he is talking about himself,how he's one of the lucky ones or how his story will be told or how he will be one of the brightest stars... it just sounds like something a person would say to their thats why it relates to fathers's day..

James blunt - One of the brightest stars

Ronan Keating ft Cat Stevens - father And Son

I'm A Stone That The Builder Refused...

Riley breaks it down..

best things in life are free...Apparently!!

"never thought i'd live to see 25, shit i'm grown now" this was just a lyrics to me when i heard it on scarface's latest effort "made" on the track "never" but now it seems it relates to me cause a brother just turned 25 and damn i feel the jitters man...fives years away from the big 3-0!!!

so i decided to put up links to david guetta hits
check them out tight shit

david guetta - Stay
david guetta - Baby when the light

tupac pic by *karinachavez

of course its also my big brother (2 pac's birthday) so i'm gonna post up a throwback track on the link "i get around"
extention is .doc you need to turn it to mp3 for it to play if that dont work turn it to RAR and extract it.
2pac - i get around

Friday, June 13, 2008

My World Is Blu......

pic by AntiSpy @
pic from

Man's its been cold like a mutha lately and i just miss summer, i feel like delivering a freestyle to summer like jay-z did with that track "dear summer" but i can seem to get in the zone so until gonna be listenin' to Blu & Exile - Below the heavens to give me that summer easy feel vibe.

Now if you dont own this,or havent heard of any of the material then you should get your head examined cause this is just some "on another level tip" shit its in the vibe of "slum village meets the pharcyde. This dude just 25 years old. the beats are done by Exile

More info on the cat

There's also a mixtape (soul amazing) of songs that didnt make the album google it


Blu & Exile
Narrow Path
Pearly Gates (remix)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Advertising Space

Pluto's years-long identity crisis just got more complex today.
The International Astronomical Union has decided on the term "plutoid" as a name for Pluto and other objects that just two years ago were redefined as "dwarf planets."
The surprise decision is unlikely to stem ongoing controversy and confusion, astronomers say.
concerns of many astronomers worldwide, the IAU's decision, at a meeting of its Executive Committee in Oslo, comes almost two years after it stripped Pluto of its planethood and introduced the term "dwarf planets" for Pluto and other small round objects that often travel highly elliptical paths around the sun in the far reaches of the solar system.
"Most of the people in astronomy and planetary science community had no idea this was going to come out," said Hal Weaver of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Weaver called the process that produced the new definition "sort of outdated, outmoded, archaic."
"In this day and age of transparency and mass communication, it seems a bit strange that such an important pronouncement would come out with so few people knowing about it, and, apparently, with no serious attempt to vet this with more people in the community," Weaver said.
A meeting in August at the Applied Physics Laboratory is slated to debate the entire topic of defining planets. Meanwhile, other astronomers said the new definition needed more definition or that it might simply not be used.
"This seems like an unattractive term and an unnecessary one to me," said David Morrison, an astronomer at NASA's Ames Research Center who, in 2006, said the IAU's actions on Pluto have created
major rifts among astronomers.

Here's a track that seems to stay relevent even now
a link's posted after the jump...
Phantom Planet - Carlifornia

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

My sister gave birth last week and i kinda felt like i would be a jackass if i dont mention it, considering that the baby girl is a gemini just like myself. Since i dont have the pictures i just thought i'd upload something with an innocence ring to it. so i got this pic (above) from deviant art

Our-Favorite-Fairy-Tales by Oxo @

I thought Tori Amos would go along with the occasion so i posted a link to "Sorta Fairy Tale" after the jump

Tori Amos - Sorta Fairytale

Another One Bites The Dust...

ever since the head butting incident which left my boy zidane with a red card during the last world cup finals i have despised italy very much. And it is with pleasure that their asses got beat last night 3-0 from the euro 2008 hopefuls (and one of my favorite teams, this and Germany)

they looked like idiots though out 90 minutes. and i chuckled like Dr. evil when the final whistle was blown.

Picture Of The Day: Looking Towards Home

This a a cool shot done by gate to nowhere @ deviant art click on image to direct you to more of his artwork.
shouts to gate_to_nowhere

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dynamic Duo

I've never been this excited about R&B since the days of donell jones doing the "put me down" thing. Damn this cat Ryan leslie is my boy right now (no homo). I kinda compare him to kanye west(minus the arrogance) cause he raps too and has that swag..

and i speechless this chick is got the looks and that whole innocence just comes out everytime she sings.. this is why i like interracial relationships..the product is addictive beauty..

Ryan Leslie and Cassie. Rescue You -
Addiction ft Cassie -

Monday Blues..

Every dude out there has a beef with mondays. Just the thought of waking up in the morning gives a nigga nausea. Its funny how a nigga be feelin like king kong on fridays and saturdays but look like pinocchio on sundays and mondays.... ah well! i think im gonna take a break from mr windhoek lager for a bit cause i feel like shit right now!!

here's some shit for y'all to keep you goin if u feelin like me right now

Atmosphere - yesterday

May The Best Team Win

damn! Euro 2008 has finally kicked off on saturday(june 7th). Germany kicked poland's ass thanks to Lukas Podolski. I hope they keep kicking ass, i would love them to face off with Netherlands my other favorite would be a hell of a match.

Here's a the official track for Euro 2008 which enrique is gonna perform at the finals

Enrique: Can You Hear Me

Friday, June 6, 2008

Leaders Of The New School

My hat off to the dude..Wait for it...wait for it...Barack Obama (Applause) for winning that damn democrat nomination. He seems to be focused on his mission for a new america. I just wish those republican pricks didnt shit so much on foreign soil (Afghanistan, Iraq), now its gonna be Obama (so help me god he wins)to clean up them diapers left by bush on foreign soil...

I just thought i should also post an anthony hamilton track
off of "american Gangster" Soundtrack. I dreamt that he was singing this when won the nomination

Anthony Hamilton - Do you Feel me

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

EMC : Leak It Out Video

This is pure hip-hop from real MCs' none of that laffy taffy shit!!!
Holla @ ur Boy