Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad body double..

Did you ever go to a place somewhere and hear that you've been banned there for something you did a little while back, or come into a place and get special treatment while you wonder why the hell you getting all these priviliges? As you begin to put two and two together you start realizing that there's an imposter out there using your name, and to your surprise the fool has a slight resemblance to you. And it's not always that you find these imposters and ask them what the hell they think they are doing..I guess it's harmless when you are getting noticed and getting V.I.P treatment due to what you supposedly did for the club "last week" knowing real well that you werent near the damn place that time, you were at your girl's crib getting your romantic on.But if you get beat up because of what your imposter/Doppelganger did, then that's when you have to draw a
line in the sand..Just a few years some Jigaboo was using my name back in my hometown, and everybody believed him, because few dudes knew me there, as i grew up in Rundu. But when dudes told me this i had to see this "double" of mine and see "what it do" i couldnt find him at all and it ended there..i was like "damn, there goes the neighborhood" i could've used the dude as a stunt double should my acting career have picked up?

Imogen heap - Bad body double

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nutty Nys - nka modira..

OOOoohh!!! digging south african house music right now..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Album of the week..

Brother Ali - Us

My favorite albinmo's back with another effort. This dude has never dissapointed me yet, and i'm quite sure that this will show and prove what a lyricist is capable of, and with ANT on the boards?..nuff said!!
Brother Ali - Best at it ft. Freeway & Joell ortiz

The making of Jay-Z 's Blueprint 3 artwork..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rio - After the love..

Curb your your enthusiasm..

What can i say, this dude gets away with murder everytime this show's on..mocumentary style. Larry david continues to annoy all those around him without knowing it, he's always got good intantions and means well, but all hell always breaks loose.. i haven't laughed this much since bush was dodging shoes from that heckler..
Here's a couple of quotes from the show, courtesy of

[Cheryl is reading a draft of her renewed wedding vows to Larry]
Cheryl: "We'll love each other throughout this lifetime, but after death through all eternity."
Larry: You mean this is... this is continuing into the afterlife?
Cheryl: Yeah, that's the idea. Do you have a problem with that?
Larry: Well, I... I thought this was over at death. I didn't know we went into eternity together. Isn't that what it said in... ”'til death do us part, " I thought it was...
Cheryl: Do you have a problem with eternity?
Larry: Well...
Cheryl: We finally found each other, Larry, and we're celebrating this for all eternity.
Larry: I guess I had a different plan for eternity. I thought... I thought I'd be single again.
Jeff Greene: All of the women at HBO, they don't want to work with you.
Larry David: Oh, come on. That's ridiculous.
Jeff Greene: They think you're a misogynist.
Larry David: Why, 'cause I called the guy a cunt? So what!
Jeff Greene: 'Cause you called the guy a cunt.
Larry David: Big deal, I call men pricks all the time, men want to work with me.
Jeff Greene: Well, cunt's worse.
Larry David: Cunt's not worse. Pricks and cunts, they're equal. Pricks, cunts, come on. They balance out.
Jeff Greene: No, cunt is worse. Cunt's much heavier.
Larry David: Why? Why is cunt heavier?
Jeff Greene: I never questioned, it just is.
Larry David: That's sexist to me! Come on.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

survival of the fittest..

Here's an article i wrote for the Flamingo in-flight magazine in January of's called survival of the "fastest"

While the extinct sabre-toothed tigers turn in their graves howling “oh father why have thou forsaken us”, cheetahs continue the struggle for survival in their habitat, taking what is theirs. Found in their utopia (Etosha National Park, a savannah area), moving in groups, often with their siblings. Etosha provides a buffet they would normally only imagine, which makes it nearly impossible if not difficult for them to loathe the biome. It has become a haven, where they’ve witnessed their offspring grow into healthy physiques. Etosha, a dry and open grassland infested by shrubs simulating trees, is one of the largest game reserves in the world, with an array of animals to its roster (elephants, antelopes, lions, rhinoceroses, cheetahs, zebras, ostriches, giraffes etc.), housing over about 300 species of birds.

With a stunning speed of 110 kilos per hour to their credit, cheetahs hold the record as the fastest animal on land. In fact its even been suggested on several occasions, that they are the culprits to have had inspired Frankie Fredrick, the Namibian multi-medal winner in various 100m/200m dashes.
Their illustrious features include a beautiful brownish/yellow coat, with black spots. However, as if to avoid plagiarism, their trademark coat of facial black marks running below their eyes down their cheeks, along with a classy alias (Acinonyx jubatus), distinguish them from their cousins, the leopards.

The cheetah’s thin body is specifically designed for the sole purpose of attacking prey by running. It is this running which the cheetahs embrace as the essence of their existence, having been an endangered species for a couple of decades now. Their daily menu (starter, main course, and dessert) is mainly meat, courtesy of the populous herd of antelope and springbok. Their hunting activities are mostly done during daylight, using sight and running as their only solace. There are exceptions though, at dusk when cheetahs kill prey to quench the yearn of their empty stomachs.
When the darkness of night swallows the ecosystem, moonlight is left as the only illumination. Reflection proves this by its appearance in the little dams and puddles of water. Cricket noises provide the soundtrack to the habitat while the lions begin to dominate, and with their expertise in nocturnal blood sport, the body count prey is high. Unlike the cheetahs, the lions would ambush their prey from all angles, working together simultaneously. The lionesses do the hunting, while the males only join them after the kill, to share the meat.

While cheetahs and lions feast with charisma separately under the shrubs, the hyenas linger in the shadows with yearn for meat, and hope for enough leftovers to scavenge. Their amusing structure maniacal laughter gives them appearance of habitual jesters of the habitat.
The cheetah’s cousins, the leopards furiously lurk up in the few quantifiable trees, which serve as hunting grounds, as well as repositories for slaughtered prey. These trees are also used to stakeout and ambush terrestrial prey, which they hunt at night. They mostly attack prey unfavourable to their competitors, dragging them up the trees to avoid the nuisance of the hyenas. Leopards would sometimes stalk monkeys in the trees just to have a midnight snack.

In the end, it’s not really about the power of an ambush or the frightening roar that send flocks of birds flying scattering into the heavens. It comes back to speed and agility, because when it comes to surviving in the wild, only those two abilities are most vital. Its these two competences which may be used when fleeing from predators, and this same force morphs into advantage when bringing down prey. With these advantages on the cheetah resume`, they could remain endangered for a while yet.

Mobb deep - survival of the fittest

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Album of the week..

Jay-Z - Blueprint 3

What can i say big jay is back i'm still a bit skeptical,because of the many feature on the album, but i haven't yet heard anything from the album besides the already popular singles "DOA" and "Run this town" Jeff weiss trashed the album, but im still curious as how it will sound to my ears..
Jay-Z ft. Kanye West & Rihanha - run this town

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aint no rest for the wicked..

Damn, been busy for a minute. Just when you try to catch a breath something else comes up. Oh! and did I mention that 2009 keeps getting on my nerves? It’s got dudes runnin around to the atms looking at their banks accounts and asking where’s the extrax 0’s at?” It’s like when is this gonna end man?
OOOHH!! the humanity *puts hands and tears out hair* wonder people are putting in extra shifts at night, marauding stealing phones and sh*t preying on people who are enjoying themselves to the fullest, who ironically are also having fun to unwind due to the same circumstances mentioned in the paragraph above.
And as long as money don’t grow on trees, then aint no rest for the wicked, all bets are off and I’m livin proof ( phone stolen), It’s almost becoming normal when I lose my phone. Almost as if the owner has come to reclaim what it is his. Pisses me off, caue im always so careful, and just one slip and POEFF it just happens, dudes are masters of their craft, its like they practice magic or something.
I’m a positive dude though, got another phone. That means I ain’t stressing.

Cage the elephant - aint no rest for the wicked