Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm blind to you..

Blind dates!!? Who in their right mind would go on a blind date? I mean really, what would justify you to go on a date without knowing what to expect. The whole night will be a disaster if you ain’t got sh** in common, sh** for all I know it could be a dude you been set up with, courtesy of your boys playing a prank on you. The whole starting point to this date thing is a matter of how you perceive person you are about to go on a date with, cause if you know who you will be going out on a date with, its easy for you to do some research (even though some of us just freestyle with no research, but charms) to find out about the girl from people in her circle. Otherwise you just babbling sh** she does not even give a damn about and you end up sleeping in fetal position like Tiger Woods about to score a birdie.
There’s nothing worse than a dude on a date, asking the same stupid question over and over like: “Hey, you heard the greatest hits cd by Michael Learns To Rock? It’s soo good!!”

Oy Vey!!Get the F*** outta herre!!!

Collie Buddz-Blind To You

U2 -City Of Blinding lights

Gnarls Barkley - Blind Mary

Stairway To Heaven..

heaven's door by ChristianTang @

I often wonder how long judgement day is gonna take, when it takes place. I mean imagine all the people in the world, being judged one by one for each and every sin. all over the globe man! its gonna take some time, considering the rate at which we commit sins.By the time it's my turn to be judged i'll be halfway to the nearest constellation...

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
The one of the greatest rock songs ever!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jerk it out

now who cold forget this face from different strokes.....

anecdote time:
Bill’s dad came up to him and tried to warn him about the dangers of masturbation. So he proceeded to tell him: “Hey Bill, do you know that masturbating can cause blindness”
Surprised, Bill turned around and answered “Hey dad, Im over here!!”

Moral of the story, nobody likes a smart ass!! you get your match, which would be "an asshole"

Caesars -Jerk It Out

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Play You Cards Right

So you find yourself waking up in the morning, getting in the shower, getting out dressing up for work and off you go, eight hours deep. SSDD (Same shit different day). You get a chance to do other things during weekends, but it also becomes clich├ęd, because you do that everytime. There’s gotta be more to life than this. Eight hours of your life just flies out the window and for what? Just some peanuts every end of the month. The whole system sucks ass man, considering im not a morning person, this shit gets to me everyday. Working for yourself is the shit. No Hassles, no bull from a boss, just you and the running of your business. You are forced to become a hermit during weekdays because you can’t go anywhere man, you tired like you been humping all day and you can’t really hangout for long wherever you go because you gotta wake up in the morning again and do it all over again.
You wanna quit, but damn where you gonna get that gwap for all those cocktails on weekends right? F**kin’ persistence man, that’s what life is all about, persistence. If you aint persistent that shit is gonna swallow you soul and you gonna end up like ENRON in this mutha! “When life give you lemons you paint that shit gold”

Common - Play Your Cards Right

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



i done came up,got my name up
so they speak who bling'd up
i'm who they bring up
come up dissin and u come up missin
i'm a cutthroat baller, like O.J simpson.....

Metaphor the great - riley gets chain back

Give me something to believe...

Many people got sick during this time of winter. From your boss to your maid, people had a lot in common; they all got sick and tended to show same symptoms. Now one has to wonder, when all people in such a state are forced to trust doctors or shamans (witchdoctors, for the literature impaired). You can’t help but wonder sometimes, whether the medicine you get is really gonna make you feel better. Doctors just tend to check here and there and they are all done and prescribing some weird medication you have trouble spelling. I can’t help but start thinking they just keep prescribing placebos. Because I keep taking the medication but I there’s no signs of change. Given the fact that placebos have been simmering in medicine since the early days of the medicine, you have to ask yourself whether you are receiving real medicine or just drugs to make you believe that you are getting better, after taking them. So next time you go see a doctor, you have to ask your self “what’s the difference between doctors and con artists?”

The Bravery - Believe

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wash it away

080614 Wash it away by *Miyukiko on deviantART

Can’t keep runnin away...

It was called paper machier back in the days when we were only starting to learn what “to be civilized” meant. It’s not a surprise, money complicates things. Period. When you don’t have it you don’t have problems. But you have a different set of problems. I prefer those problems. Problems which don’t involve money. Because, they are the real “life” problems. Every problem to do with money is just plain bullshit. People didn’t care about shit when they didn’t have money back in the day, when people were still primitive. I mean a dude could just sit in the jungle chewing on some sweet sugar cane and feel like he was on top of the world or something like that, and not worry about paying bills. There was no crime because people didn’t have to commit crime for no reason but land disputes. There were no bills in the jungle. There were no sexually transmitted diseases people were just runnin buck wild in the jungle. I miss the jungle. Money does not solve your problems, only gives you a different set of problems to deal with. I know! What the fuck am I talking about, right? I have no idea. All I know is that you can’t run away from your responsibilities.

The Pharcyde – Runnin’

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Atmosphere - trying to find a balance

once again real rap none of that soulja boy bullcrap!!

Fist bumping radicals

Gabes Shihepo
March 26 1945 - 14 July 2008

Politics are a dirty game. People will throw whatever they can to make you lose direction. The key is to not throw tantrums, playa haters are everywhere. In politics people look for your weaknesses. That being said, the new face of the democrats is gonna have to face what ever is thrown at him with “diplomacy”. It’s a test. Satirists have had a field day with the fact that his name rhymes with Osama and his middle name is Hussein. America seems to have a problem with the fact that he might be a closeted Muslim. Knowing how Americans tend to be phobic towards Muslims, this might derail the democratic campaign from their true goal, to make obama the president.

I don’t see the problem, if obama is a Muslim then I guess that’s just him, but I don’t think he is gonna lay out the other cheek for his country to be attacked by America’s enemies. He has a whole group of advisors who advise him on issues here and there so religion has nothing to do with how a country is run. Its actually good that the cartoon came out because it lets the whole world know what all the Americans are thinking every time barrack obama steps across that podium on his campaign, that their country’s safety is in the hands of a person who might be a Muslim. He clearly stated that he is a Christian and denounced the Muslim allegations. I just hope this is all there is to what some might call “skeletons in the closet” and nothing else, and if this is it then I guess there’s nothing to worry about.

More reading:;_ylt=As5TJOL_NUKU25EuTV4CbLlh24cA

New Radicals - You Get what You Give

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dream of carlifornication

Somehow in between listening to nas’s new joint and watching carlifornication & life I managed to get out to the movies and see hancock. It’s not so bad just as I had expected from a will smith flick(excerpt that robot movie) but it had a few continuity issues here and there and it did not fully explain his (hancock) history. Everybody dreams they could fly once in a while, hell I dream im flying everyday...but you don’t see flying drunkards saving people everyday, so it was interesting to see a movie based in that perspective.

The weather seems to have settled down again after tormenting every person who likes galavanting last week, I personally hope it stays this way, because im just starting to get tired of this F*kin unpredictable weather in this mutha, this weather’s just like kanye west not winning at any award show, you never know what to expect.

If you haven’t seen the new series called “life” and “carlifornication” I suggest you get yourself a bigger hardrive and start looking for these series on limewire. They are entertaining in ways you cant imagine. Im sure most people will relate, those who don’t? get a hobby will yah! You take life too seriously.

Red hot chili peppers - californication

The Weight of the world

The weight of the world by xCaro @ deviant art

I imagine this piece of art as a way to ask "what it if you had the world on your shoulders, responsible for all the problems, and all the individual needs! hell of a big responsibility. hell some dudes cant even pay their bills let alone child support. nice art ....

Editors - The Weight Of The World

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Skyzoo - The Necessary Evils!

Real Hip-hop again!!

No Traffic..

pic is feel dizzy by karil @ deviant art

Its friday again..seems the cold has crept back again and damn ots cold like a mother!If the weather continues like this, the namibian population is gonna double by early next year, mating season son! when its this cold its when temptation gets the better of you, u wanna just do it raw! like you in the zoo or somethin'
go ahead and try it and live the next few years of your life under extreme agony...
Speed kills, its always good to keep this in mind during weekends..mutha's be speedin to show off..CALM THE FUCK DWN SON!
think about other lives you gon' before you do your dumb 360 spin
and live the rest of your life in agonizing regret!! Slow down son! there's no traffic..


Little Brother

EMC - No Traffic ft Little Brother

Can you hear the dolphin's cry....

Dolphins by ~LauULau on deviantART
Its been a while since i heard "dolphin's cry" apparently its about sex on the beach...

Live - Dolphin's Cry

Music imitates art..

Gift by ~Indevisual on deviantART

This is one of the cool as sh* i've come across..its actually a quote: "God gave the gift of artists so that people can dream while they are awake" apparently a quote by some cat called Steve Vai
The art was done by ~Indevisual @ deviant art....