Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rome wasn't built in a day..

I can’t believe that there’s actually someone attempting to breastfeed babies for money in the wake of this whole infant milk scandal. I know people try to be entrepreneurs all the time, but come on...are you kiddin’ me!? This is just weird man...
She claims her husband approves of this, charging folks 24 pounds a day.
But before you get too excited, I’m trying to look at the bigger picture here. It’s all thanks to the idiots who came up with the idea of adding this melamine substance to milk powder, I mean were they on crack or brain damage? How dumb can you be to not know the repercussions of your actions? I mean did these people just test this substance on baby monkeys and just decide (after seeing no bad side effects on the monkeys) that it’s safe enough to add the stuff?
They knew that this substance was in the powder and yet they ignored to inform the powers that be…what the hell!!
Someone’s got to clean this mess up. And as for the mother trying to make a living off this fiasco, all I can say is that the world can’t be that bad, I’m sure there’s some other work out there somewhere. I know it ain’t easy getting work but come on…Rome wasn’t built in a day.
read full report here full report from the telegraph here

Morcheeba - Rome wasnt built in a day

Friday, September 19, 2008

I gave you power..

Guns by shinobi @

Given the events that have transpired a few days ago, I’m starting to think there should be stiffer strictness on young adults (18-35 years of age) owning guns. The last couple of years have been filled with murder suicides in the media, and all these murder suicides have been linked to that afro-mentioned age group. Are there even gun control laws in place? Owning guns seems to have become more of fashion trend than anything else.
People should not be allowed to carry guns around. Look at Botswana as an example. The crime rate there is very low, only police officials are allowed to have guns there. Here it’s like every youngin’ around the corner is brandishing an automatic weapon, looking at you sideways with a frown on the face. Come on dawg, who are you going to war with?
Most people who got guns have guns either because of the escalating rate of robberies or they’ve once been in an altercation whereby they got cornered by a flock of goons. Truth be told, it ain’t safe no more walking the streets. We’ve become prey to midnight marauders who instill fear in those who can’t defend themselves, thanks to bad television. The only way to instill fear in them is to own a gun.
The reality of the situation is that guns and problems don’t go well together, just like mixing tequila and scotch, the aftermath is a sight for sore eyes.
Few young people have faith in solving problems, or as its known “manning up” to their troubles. Guns become the only solace when everything else fails. All the while lives are destroyed, dreams are shattered, and innocent people are mourned.

Pay attention to this song about what a gun can do to people and the effects it has on society...

Nas - I gave you power

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Year 2000..

guys, Dont take life so seriously, control your anger!!

This got me hooked on
late night with conan o'brien, wish i could get dvds of this! one of the funniest moments in television....priceless!

Conan: Folks, I think its time we look once again, into the future.

Alec Baldwin: The future Conan?
Conan: That's right Alec Baldwin, let's look to the future, all the way to the year 2000.
LaBamba: In the year 2000, In the year 2000!
Conan: The new Harry Potter book will prove to be the most shocking and scary book in the series when Harry is invited to the Neverland Ranch.
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Alec Baldwin: Britney Spears will give birth to octuplets, all of which will get jobs before Kevin Federline.
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Conan: Reporter Bob Woodward will refuse to tell his wife the identity of the family member who rented "Deep Throat."
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Alec Baldwin: George W. Bush will spend so much time defusing the controversy surrounding trusted advisor, Karl Rove that he will not notice that Osama Bin Laden was in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Conan: After getting more in touch with his femine side, Mr. T will open a hair salon called, "I Pretty the Fool."
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Alec Baldwin: Atheists will win a landmark court battle, making it illegal to say "God Bless You" after someone sneezes. Instead the law will require us to say, "Yo, zippy! You just sprayed me with some nasty!"
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Conan: Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston will visit their namesake cities in Texas, making stops in both Brownsville and 'How-Crazy-Do-You-Have-to-Be-to-Marry-Bobby-Brown-town.'
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Alec Baldwin: Kirstie Alley will call a press conference to announce that she's full, then say "Psych!" and eat six reporters.
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Conan: High-Definition TV will be so incredibly life-like that confused viewers will actually try to push Geraldo Rivera out of their living room.
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Alec Baldwin: Spanish olives will no longer be stuffed with palmettos, but instead with Antonio Banderas' love of Melanie Griffith.
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Conan: The world will be shocked when a newspaper exposes the existance of Quantrell Baldwin, a man who is simultaneously a Wayans Brother and a Baldwin Brother.
LaBamba: In the year 2000!
Alec Baldwin: A movie will be made about all the people who find Conan O'Brien funny. The movie title: "The Fantastic Four."
LaBamba: In the year 2000! edit »Conan: This Saturday, hundreds of adults will be throwing Harry Potter parties to celebrate the release of the new Harry Potter book. When they heard this, even Star Wars fans said, "That's pathetic." edit »Conan: This week in New York, a judge ruled that a ninety-eight year old man was not mentally sound when he got married last year. Yeah, the judge may have a point because the ninety-eight year old man married a dustbuster. edit »Conan: President Bush went to Indiana today to try to reach out to the state's black voters. Apparently, Indiana's black voters are divided: one likes Bush but the other doesn't. edit »Conan: The affiliates love it when I flash the sign of the devil. It goes over real well in the south, yeah - [Angered Southern accent] 'What the hell did he just do? I'm gonna get um' I'm gonna get him good!'

Xzibit - Year 2000 (video)


Monday, September 15, 2008

album of the week..

Inherit - Up the River

nostalgic raps with good production


E.L.: Well, there are these rules that guys have, an understanding as to what exactly constitutes cheating. Take your situation for example: it's not cheating. It's never cheating when you're in a different area code, not to mention a different state.

Kyle: That makes no sense.

E.L.: Hey, don't look at me Kyle, OK, I didn't make up the rules.

Rubin: No no, this is legit, I- I've actually read an article about this. There's a whole bunch of them, it's like- they're like loopholes. Right, for argument's sake, let's say that you were sleeping with two girls at the same time, it- it wouldn't be cheating because they would cancel each other out.

E.L.: Exactly. Or if, uh, you're too wasted to remember- it is not cheating. Because if you can't really remember it, it never really took place.

-From the motion picture Roadtrip (2000)

Dwele - Cheatin'

Surviving the times..

mouth watering...umhhh!!

I’m with the fact that animal cruelty must be stopped (that means all these dudes wearing fur coats and what have you), and that is a far different issue from the fact why I have to have my steak every once in a while. We as people are carnivores, not by choice but as a destiny. This means people are supposed to eat meat. (don’t get me wrong)There aint no problem with being a vegetarian, but just don’t come to my dinner table creating a ruckus, about how me eating my meat aint right. The truth (I know it hurts) is that whether we are civilized or not, we should not forget that this whole excuse of a world is still one giant jungle and one has to eat to survive. Even vegetarians, who claim to eat only vegetables & fruit etc, are somehow contradicting themselves, because in real sense even vegetables are living organisms. Fish are living organisms. So what are you gonna tell me now, that you only going to survive on milk? Get the F**k outta here. And while you at it, act like you got some sense damn it!

Nas - surviving the times