Friday, February 26, 2010

It wont be like this for long..

toddler by *Hengki24 on deviantART
If you ask any soccer-moms or your siblings who have kids out there you'll be told that it aint easy raising a kid. The crying, the mischief,the playing in the dirt and what not. It's hard work. What is amusing is the look on the parents' faces when kids are up to mischief..PISSED OFF!! they seem to take it personal..but later on when the person grows up and the phase flies by, parents have a difficult time letting the person go!!Like that first time in pre-school, a kid will always cling to the mother's leg and the teacher has to tussle to get the kid into class..and that normally last for a week or two, and this is the time the teacher says, "don't worry this happens a wont be like this for long"
But when the toddler gets into the teenage years, and hormones start doing all the thinking and the attitude changes, parents will at times start thinking the kid hates them..funny the way life turns out to be.

Darius Rucker - It wont be like this for long

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Album of the week..

Rakim - The Seventh Seal

production-wise the album sounds a bit uninspired here and there, but when you pay attention to the lyrics, this is clearly over-shadowed, making it one of the greatest thing to happen in hip-hop for the year 2009, considering the fact that it's been 10 years since we heard anything from the god..
Rakim - Holy R u

Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting for you..

Waiting For You by ~jjap on deviantART
There's no such thing as the perfect it's hard for me to understand when someone tells me that they are waiting for the right person and that he/she is gonna
remain virgins until they get married or meet the right person.How the hell do you justify that? To me it makes more sence when you are just spontaneous and let the universe do its thing instead of being a relationship obsessive compulsive idiot.
Because when worse comes to worst you change your mind and move on..change is embedded in our DNA system, thats why people get bored..its natural..thats why people get tired of routine..its natural...thats why people's nnatural...thats why people get tired of missionary position its natural
there's nothing just saying..
You will keep waiting..and when you finaly get that right person, you find out it aint the right person..then WHAT!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

album of the week

Joe Budden - Escape Route

I'll admit, I havent always been a joe budden fan. but after listening to his mixtapes after his first album. Mainly
the Mood music series, I realised that i had under-estimated "jump-off" joe's lyrical ability. He then came out with
Halfway house..which brought more anticipation for his 2nd album "padded room", one of my favorate albums of 2009. not to mention
him going toe to toe with Royce,Joell ortiz and Crooked I on the slaughterhouse album.
now he comes again with this EP..bringing more anticipation for his album.."The great escape" which is the last of
a trilogy (after Halfway house,Padded room)
Joe Budden - Anti

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Everybody at one time in their lives always ponders to just live everything behind
and run away to some dream place and never come back (at least for a few years). Reasons vary (debt, Boredom, Midlife crisis etc.)
And reasons of coming back are always the same. It. could be a family they left behind, or that sense of nostalgia, being homesick, or
it could be the reminiscence of mama's recipe.After a half a decade of "soul searching", one goes back home, snapping back to reality!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Medicina 4 my pain..

Thats why beer and alcohol is sold, its meant to be therapeutic. i mean, imagine the harm that some of us would've done to ourselves if we werent drinking..only god knows. it's a depressing world out there, and once in a while its good to go haywire on a bottle of jameson's for a few hours and get back to business right after a hangeover and regrets. It keeps you focused. I cant imagine myself without drinking, i'd probably be looking like Moby for christ's sake!!! and thats just sad..

Monday, February 15, 2010

High flying bird..

Flying high by ~mjagiellicz on deviantART
People dont stay in relationships because have it hard, believe me. they've been
through some shit. because that love shit can really get to you. Once that freaking arrow hits you. It takes a while to heal. So each relationship is treated with angst and you get out as soon as its about to get's like a tamed bird that suddenly assuming the tamer an archer, meaning to harm it, so it flys high..away from you!!So next time someone gives you the cold shoulder, just understand where they are coming from dont just whine..not everything is about you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

album of the week..

Sade - Soldier of love

Forget ciara, forget keri hilson, forget all the bullshit r&b you been listening to the last decade after "Lover's rock" dropped, this is grown folk music right here, and im saying that while sober, and that's a compliment..In stores NOW!!!
Sade - soldier of love

Friday, February 5, 2010


Fireflies by ~Lioness123 on deviantART
I cant remember the last time i saw firefly's.Thats what i miss most about my home town (katima mulilo) or when you deep at the country side (lusese) where there aint no noise or any distractions, you get to appreciate nature. the simplicity of it and it's essence..Thats exactly how i feel when i listen to this song, it just takes me back to the country side in my head..probably the best record i've lsiten to so far 2009/2010..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

album of the week..

Corinne Bailey Rae album - The Sea

beauty and about that..