Friday, August 29, 2008

World so Cold..

"I knew it was way too cold this winter because I have not had one thought. I have NOT been able to complete a sentence in my own head. I find myself wondering, going; You know, I should really..FUCK IT'S COLD!"
- Lewis Black (stand up comedian)

Mudvayne - world so cold

What i'm listening to this week..


Never Change..

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It really sounds easy when you are just starting out and not yet getting there, success I mean. When you start out you always talk about, you are always going to be close to the slums and you will remain true. I’ve always been curious to this notion, when people talk about “hey I’ll never change I’ll always be the same”. This is just a myth, because in reality, you mature as a person. You have a lot of responsibility when you’ve grown up and become successful. All the ignorance becomes null and void. So yes you will still use your street smarts you’ve learnt from the “hood” and make sure you never go back to that hunger hustle back in the “hood”.
It’s good knowing where you come from and not forgetting, making visits now and then or whatever, but there a difference between “real talk” and distorted hoodness or being “hood” don’t get it twisted I aint hating. There’s a dude out there who’s gotten so fed up with these new rappers claims to have been criminals in the past that he’s starting to expose them one by one (Rick Ross, the boss & recently Plies)o if you are an aspiring rapper, take heed…re-examine your lyrics, you might be living next to a dude who might expose you.

Jay-z - Never Change

Thursday, August 21, 2008


imitation by ~crypticon on deviantART
I’ve never been a fan of the term “reality TV”, because I don’t think the term “reality” correctly applies. The only time I had to enjoy watching “reality TV”, was when fear-factor was on and I always laughed my ass off, at how people will do just about anything for money.
Now this whole big brother thing, which is really starting to get old. I don’t believe that these people portray who they really are in that big brother house. They just pretend, or act the whole 90 some days, imitating whichever character they read about in a book or saw in a soapie, because they would want to be liked by whoever is tuned into the show, and they don’t wanna be voted out.
It’s difficult to be yourself when cameras are rolling, unless you are a professional actor, or a very good liar. It’s just human nature, people like attention. I just wish there could be Big Brother: Actresses. That will be the day I would trade my lunch hour, with watching a Halle Berry shower-hour.

i'm feeling this track right now, and the video is tight!!

What I'm Listening to This Week

lets just say it aint for the souljah boy generation..Yahh! B**** Yahh!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What’s goin on...?

Pic is relationship by is_blind

Its not rocket science. Women (not necessarily all) always tend to think that dudes just be cheating all the time, with all the excuses like, working late, or going out of town for work and all that jazz, but truth is that homeboys just need some space, a dude might sit at the office pretending to be working late scared to go home to mediocre conversations with the significant other. It tends to get old after some time, I mean being in a relationship with a person who just wants to be with you all the time, it just blows man. Period. Can you imagine having meatballs for dinner every night? Hell no!! I got better things to do with my imagination (that means it ain’t possible, for the literally impaired). It’s not a statement to mean a dude has to necessarily bone every girl in sight, but it’s just that good guys deserve a break once in a while. Just space, chill out with the fella’s at certain times. In the end it aint the bed squeaks that will be making noises, but falsetto sounds, from all the pleasure the dude will be giving..

Marsha Ambrosius -What's goin' on? ft. The Game

Monday, August 11, 2008

What i'm listening to this week...

Elzhi (of Slum Village) the album is called "The Preface". What can one say but that Elzhi delivers.
rapid firely flow,intricate lyricism and on point beats...what more can i say...

Hip-hop lives!

Do you realize you are a champion...

Kanye West - Champion

dude is always creative with his videos and sh**,,, hell yeah he's a champion!! holla back!

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa


You choose to ignore the fact that your life is messed up and yet you seem to go on living your in your second continually refuse to grow up! but what would life be if everything was all hunky dory...boring, thats why there's characters like Hank Moody from californication to remind us how our lives are different in this excuse of a world....this show is so creative!! go watch it now!

see videos below

Main Trailer:

Sweet baby jesus Hank is goin' to hell

Another Moment of silence...

Damn cant believe a lot can happen in one weekend.. two legends in the entertainemnt industry passed away, im gonna miss bernie mac's funny jokes and personality..and im gonna miss Isaac Hayes's voice as "chef" from south park.. these brothers will truely be missed...R.I.P!!!!
Isaac Hayes -Shaft Theme
2pac -Smile ft. scarface

Bernie mac in in a clip from original kings of comedy

Funny stuff!!R.I.P

Friday, August 8, 2008


this shot is Quay by berkerr @ deviant art

Rest in peace to the eccentric pioneer of Namibian journalism, Hannes Smith
You will be missed....

Its one thing to know you've done something conducive, its another thing to find out that it was just a dream. You spend seven hours of your so called peaceful sleep having lunch with the Easter bunny, saving the world with superman. Then you are off to New York having dessert with spike lee, helping him pen a script for his next joint. Then flying back home in time to meet with you personal trainer, The Incredible Hulk at virgin active!! Trippy stuff.
But what is most fascinating though is the fact that you actually believe this to be true as all these events are taking place in your dreams.
I once had a dream of getting shot. As the revolver blasted on my forehead, I woke up to a headache of great magnitude! So it’s like I start to ask myself whether reality is what I perceive it to be, make believe, or am I just another sucker plugged into the matrix?

Little Brother -Dreams

Jay Z-American Dreamin'

Lupe Fiasco - Day Dreamin'

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Things That Hate Us...

Dilated by ~wilwad on deviantART

People cant seem to live without the things that hate them, be it debts, be it haters and what have you…each and every person I know has got either a problem or trying to get one (not deliberately but it just eventually happens). It’s so strange when ever you find a solution to something you end up getting another problem but one thing is for sure one thing can’t exist without the other. Just like theoretically taking into consideration that a doctor can’t exist without the sick, a minister (pastor) can’t exist without sinners; all these entities must exist in order for the other to be whole.
The universe is trying to make fun of us because it’s insecure (don’t ask). Watch the series “Life” and you might figure out that line.

Atmosphere -The Things That Hate Us

Maino -Hi Hater

Hellboy II : The Golden Army

Tropic Thunder

i'm looking forward to seeing this when it comes out...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Do your time..

prison food by vampire_zombie @deviant

You gotta love these war criminals, for real! They always attempt to represent themselves and they continually lose all the time. It’s like an ongoing suspense series called “the trials & tribulations of war criminals”. After ever couple of years an eastern country leader is captured and tried at The Hague. And if there were ever any nominations, in the presumed saga, the Emmy award would have gone to that arrogant cat Milosevic for his punchlines in the court, mocking the court and disputing its validity.

But on the real, you can tell where these dudes are coming from. They got no choice; if they are represented by some half assed lawyers then their trials will just be a big charade. Take this dude Radovan Karadzic for instance, this dude had managed to hide for over a decade. Now that’s hell of a long time… I’m quiet sure he did all the soul searching he could get. Because I can’t remember the last time someone got acquitted for war crimes.

Ludacris – Do your time
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