Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Queen of the supermarket..

Jonah hill hilariously suggested in "superbad" that the best foods are shaped like dicks ie. hotdogs, bananas, cucumber, french loaf/bread and what have you. but out of the foods mentioned above, i only take delight in a hotdog, hands down..i dont eat bananas, but certainly enjoy cucumbers in my salad..what's the relevence of all this you ask?
Well i mostly buy these items at a local supermarket, where you are almost always guaranteed to struck up a conversation with beautiful girls or potential girlfriends. just be careful at the crap you put in your cart, because it's gonna say a lot about how healthy you eat, or how incredibly stupid you look throwing a six-pack of sardines in the cart
So next time your fridge suffers from malnutrition, hit up a supermarket where there's a video store nearby as well. It's a great place to meet women, and to get away from the confines of your one bedroom apartment. who knows? you might find a special on the groceries as well as get a date to that forthcoming high-school reunion you've been despising.

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