Friday, November 5, 2010

You soo crazy..

crazy by ~mind-prowler on deviantART
*laughs first* It's funny how the american meia likes to spin things for the sake of creating controversy out of nothing, i personally do not know whether they dont have anything better to report about, or it's just a publicity stunt for the mid-term elections.
This all stems from obama's comment (@ 3:10), where he said metaphorically, that if republicans wants the keys back (in this case, majority in the senate) they can come for the ride, but the'll have to sit in the back. This is where they turned the whole thing into a rosa parks metaphor (a racial issue), where they claimed obama said "back of the bus" which wasnt the case, if you watch the video. As if hypocrites, some republican douche bag named michael steele actually uses the bus reference...*sigh* americans..
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