Friday, November 4, 2011

keep it warm for ya..

*sigh* Now im not saying that im anti women, jeeezus chrrrrist give me a break. Its women abuse this, women abuse that. When you look at certain situations, you'll understand. i've seen this shit happen in front of my eyes..and of course in the hood. it always starts the same. a dude is always getting slapped around for some apparent shit he did (cheating most probably), and the dude is always tring to avoid the fighting back..then more insults are hurled, but dude ignores that shit and goes the other direction. then dude gets hit on the back with stick. Thats when shit hits the fan and the dude becomes a nigga, and this nigga retaliates with a back handed slap. Now you tell me..who's the victim here? like i said i dont support violence against women, but sometimes a nigga can only take so much...but then again i heard make-up sex is the shit and there are actually some people out there who engage in deliberate fights with their significant others just for the make up sex...well..i guess i'll never know since my fetish has always been sex on the beach with Roselyn Sanchez.

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