Monday, September 15, 2008

Surviving the times..

mouth watering...umhhh!!

I’m with the fact that animal cruelty must be stopped (that means all these dudes wearing fur coats and what have you), and that is a far different issue from the fact why I have to have my steak every once in a while. We as people are carnivores, not by choice but as a destiny. This means people are supposed to eat meat. (don’t get me wrong)There aint no problem with being a vegetarian, but just don’t come to my dinner table creating a ruckus, about how me eating my meat aint right. The truth (I know it hurts) is that whether we are civilized or not, we should not forget that this whole excuse of a world is still one giant jungle and one has to eat to survive. Even vegetarians, who claim to eat only vegetables & fruit etc, are somehow contradicting themselves, because in real sense even vegetables are living organisms. Fish are living organisms. So what are you gonna tell me now, that you only going to survive on milk? Get the F**k outta here. And while you at it, act like you got some sense damn it!

Nas - surviving the times

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