Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rome wasn't built in a day..

I can’t believe that there’s actually someone attempting to breastfeed babies for money in the wake of this whole infant milk scandal. I know people try to be entrepreneurs all the time, but come on...are you kiddin’ me!? This is just weird man...
She claims her husband approves of this, charging folks 24 pounds a day.
But before you get too excited, I’m trying to look at the bigger picture here. It’s all thanks to the idiots who came up with the idea of adding this melamine substance to milk powder, I mean were they on crack or brain damage? How dumb can you be to not know the repercussions of your actions? I mean did these people just test this substance on baby monkeys and just decide (after seeing no bad side effects on the monkeys) that it’s safe enough to add the stuff?
They knew that this substance was in the powder and yet they ignored to inform the powers that be…what the hell!!
Someone’s got to clean this mess up. And as for the mother trying to make a living off this fiasco, all I can say is that the world can’t be that bad, I’m sure there’s some other work out there somewhere. I know it ain’t easy getting work but come on…Rome wasn’t built in a day.
read full report here full report from the telegraph here

Morcheeba - Rome wasnt built in a day

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