Friday, June 5, 2009

A long and sad goodbye..

Wow!! So michael scofield is dead. I'm cool with that. considering the fact that i only enjoyed the first two seasons, the rest was just a pathetic attempt by the screenwriters to keep the show afloat. I mean when they came up with that "scylla" crap, I swear I was about to smash the frickin tv with a bottle of Windhoek Lager I had in my hand that day. So to make up for the bad plotlines in the last two seasons, they had to redeem themselves by finishing off season four with a favorable finale, even though one could expect it a few minutes before the end.

So what's next for now? I'm moving over to "Rescue me". Im gonna try and focus on that one since all these other shows now are just similar, aside from the sitcoms of course(how i met your mother, everybody hates chris etc, even ugly betty ain't half bad) oh and that fan film "hunt for gollum" seems interesting as well.. and to just to think it was mad on a budget of N$3000..very interesting indeed..

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