Friday, June 26, 2009


Temptation by ~kniso on deviantART
I personally aint the person to pretend to like something when i don't. I i dont like something i'll say i dont like it. I'm not gonna put up with something i do not like just to impress others. I know i sound like im talking out of my ass, but what im actually talking about is people who get married and stay together for 30 years plus and have the nerve to divorce after that. What gives? it does not make sense. i mean,you put up with a person for thirty years and all of a sudden you cant stand the person? come on!!where's the point in that.. of course you can cheat here and there and im not saying that you should but these things "happen", but a divorce? please!!
You got five kids and all this other shit, and wait for it...without a prenup. You mean to tell me you wanna lose all that. Besides you'll most likely be dying in a few years time from some weird middle-aged-person desease (Cancer,Diabetes,Alzheimers etc) why not just wait for that instead..

2pac Stencil by ~DaSigner on deviantART

2pac - Temptations

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