Friday, July 3, 2009


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It's been a weird week in namibia this week.

First: Castration to all rapists
It's been suggested by parliamentarians that all rapists should be castrated.
They went on to say that those who get castrated get minimum sentences and those who dont get higher sentences. While im not one to support rapists, im somehow skeptical as to whether this idea could actually work, when you look at it from the perspective of those accused who are later found to have been innocent all along. I say this because it's a dangerous world we live in and, being accused of rape is something which happens on a continual basis (im sure guys who go to clubs will understand this). You might have consensual sex with someone who only reveals their actual motives after the deed. And when you refuse, they throw that "rape" card on the table. Who do you think the lawmakers are gonna believe? i aint rocket science.

Second: Haniball lector gets lose
Some lunatic goes berserk in the north of the country, smashing a brik into the head of a security guard then going on a rampage shooting everybody in sight at a hospital. I dont blame him, i mean if a dude is insane you have to strap him on tha gurney, who hasnt watched the hanibal movies for cryin out loud!!

Third: Municipal bills up!!
The final straw, minicipality has decided to raise municipal bills by a sky rocketing 10-15 % rate. Just when the little country that looks like one of those german pistols is going through it's little recession now this, and they still have the audacity to spend millions on entertainment, what a couple of douchebags!! thats what's happening in my neck of the woods..

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