Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad body double..

Did you ever go to a place somewhere and hear that you've been banned there for something you did a little while back, or come into a place and get special treatment while you wonder why the hell you getting all these priviliges? As you begin to put two and two together you start realizing that there's an imposter out there using your name, and to your surprise the fool has a slight resemblance to you. And it's not always that you find these imposters and ask them what the hell they think they are doing..I guess it's harmless when you are getting noticed and getting V.I.P treatment due to what you supposedly did for the club "last week" knowing real well that you werent near the damn place that time, you were at your girl's crib getting your romantic on.But if you get beat up because of what your imposter/Doppelganger did, then that's when you have to draw a
line in the sand..Just a few years some Jigaboo was using my name back in my hometown, and everybody believed him, because few dudes knew me there, as i grew up in Rundu. But when dudes told me this i had to see this "double" of mine and see "what it do" i couldnt find him at all and it ended there..i was like "damn, there goes the neighborhood" i could've used the dude as a stunt double should my acting career have picked up?

Imogen heap - Bad body double

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