Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aint no rest for the wicked..

Damn, been busy for a minute. Just when you try to catch a breath something else comes up. Oh! and did I mention that 2009 keeps getting on my nerves? It’s got dudes runnin around to the atms looking at their banks accounts and asking where’s the extrax 0’s at?” It’s like when is this gonna end man?
OOOHH!! the humanity *puts hands and tears out hair* wonder people are putting in extra shifts at night, marauding stealing phones and sh*t preying on people who are enjoying themselves to the fullest, who ironically are also having fun to unwind due to the same circumstances mentioned in the paragraph above.
And as long as money don’t grow on trees, then aint no rest for the wicked, all bets are off and I’m livin proof ( phone stolen), It’s almost becoming normal when I lose my phone. Almost as if the owner has come to reclaim what it is his. Pisses me off, caue im always so careful, and just one slip and POEFF it just happens, dudes are masters of their craft, its like they practice magic or something.
I’m a positive dude though, got another phone. That means I ain’t stressing.

Cage the elephant - aint no rest for the wicked

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