Friday, October 15, 2010

To all my friends..

friends by ~nunoramos0 on deviantART
"I'll see you next week" or "See you tomorrow man" these are the most famous lines that we speak every time we part ways with someone. Whats funny about the whole this is that, we actually get this belief that "i will see you next week" or " i will see you next week "maan" "
Never noticing how you could as easily get hit by a truck anytime, or someone blowing your brains out at the club. But i guess its good that we always stay focussed on the happenings in our lives than dwell on "death" imagine how fucked up people would be if they all had the mentality of live today, and worry about tomorrow later..i know right? there wouldnt be any warren buffett's or Bill gates'. the world would be filled with MC Hammers, just a bunch of broke buggers..this is a message to all my friends..just a thought!!

MP3:Atmosphere - to all my friends

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