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Cold wind blows..

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This just in...moses never separated the red sea..its two week old news but im just sayin..

water separation can be understood by Fluid Dynamics
crossing on foot of the Red Sea described in the biblical scriptures may have been a phenomenon caused by strong winds, according to U.S. researchers.

computer simulations conducted by scientists show how wind power could have created a land passage that would have allowed the Israelites to escape led by Moses from the Egyptian soldiers, as described in the book of Exodus.

simulations fit well with the story, “said Carl Drews, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR for its acronym in English) from USA, who led the study.

Researchers believe that a strong wind from the east of approximately 101 km /h could blow at night pushing back the waters in a curve where it is believed that an ancient river merged with a coastal lagoon.

water withdrawn from both channels, it would open a land passage through which the Jews could have escaped.
Once the winds stopped blowing, the waters returned to its banks, covering the passage.

water separation can be understood by fluid dynamics. The winds move the water in a manner consistent with the laws of physics, creating a safe passage with water on both sides and then allowing the water abruptly back, “Drews said in a statement posted on the website of NCAR.

The study is part of a wider investigation on the influence of winds on the depth of water, and which also discusses how the Pacific typhoon can create waves.

Nile Delta /> For the study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, we modeled different locations and depths of flood water from the Nile Delta that might exist at the time of Moses.
In the book of Exodus describes how Moses and the Israelites that led out of Egypt, were trapped between Pharaoh’s army and the Red Sea or Sea of Reeds.
Then God divided the sea through Moses and an east wind that blew all night, allowing the Hebrews to cross safely.
When the Egyptians tried to follow them, the waters returned to normal drowning pursuit.

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