Monday, April 4, 2011


MY PRECIOUS by *Bereaved on deviantART
we tend to hold on to things, and i think that how we end up messing up with things
its one thing to rember something, but saying that i could've done this, and should have done that doesnt help but keep you in the past, what matters is NOW. what are you going to do now, what are you planning to do today. Are you planning to stop using condoms to the girl you been dating for a month, or are you planning
to skip paying rent because your landlord is a douchbag, or are you planning on plotting revenge on the assholes that bullied you during your high school days when you were still a puny pathetic excuse of a "troll" as charlie sheen
mentions it..decide the mean time, be you until the song "precious" suffices..

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