Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Body & Soul..

Honestly, i dont know if im getting old(its a rethorical statement, i know) but sheeeit! what the hell
happened to real R&B. That's why i miss the 90's. A dude could listen to Toni Braxton and ride out and it could still be cool, no homo. a dude could rock jean shorts (i never did) and it was considered cool, no homo. The 90's was colorful.you could have a whole rainbow in your attire and it was cool, no homo. I still wonder what the hell happened to that viscose material, it was big back then..*cough* anyway moving on..
I like the fact that Joe Thomas is still as good as when he started. The latest release is a breath of fresh air. And your boy Donell Jones did not dissapoint either.Lyrics was a return to form. Maxwell too..but that album (black summer's night) was too short. Keith Sweat did a fine job too..less autotune please. R.kelly always delivers, My man *denzel voice* There's still a lot of guys missing here..where the hell is SILK,Babyface, Anita Baker,Old Lionel rich (before the Akon Mess)

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