Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let the show begin..

Last we checked Ned stark was dead. Beheaded by newly crowned king of the iron throne Joffry for apparent treason, when Ned Stark claimed (while bringing forth Robert Baratheon's will) Joffry was not the rightful air to the iron throne. Daenarys was left wondering around after Khal Drogo died after fighting an opposer and an interesting encounter with a witch. Jaime Lannister remained captive at the hands of the Starks for a trade. Arya managed to escape with the assistance of Yoren a recruiter at the Night's Watch.
New characters were introduced in the already air two episodes and now it seems four self declared kings are waging war, and going after the Iron throne..brace yourselves..war is coming, let the show begin..

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