Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bill collector..

It always starts as a phone call from some telemarketer telling you that you've been referred by someone close to you, and then they start with the reasons why they think you should sign up to whatever they are selling. After 20 minutes of agonizing "yes" and "no" questions, one always ends up just rushing up the conversation and submitting to whatever it is they are selling. But when you skip a payment, then they start with that bullshit about how "this call may be recorded" , and how you should pay before they take you to their legal department..and ..blah blah blah! So why am i talking about this you ask? It's because the annoying thing is that when you in the shop and you decide to pay your bill, right after you pay they tell you that you can still take some more shit on credit, Being that there's some good stuff in the shit you fall for the trap, and then the whole thing starts all over again..*sigh* I wanna be Warren Buffet in my next life!!

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