Friday, February 26, 2010

It wont be like this for long..

toddler by *Hengki24 on deviantART
If you ask any soccer-moms or your siblings who have kids out there you'll be told that it aint easy raising a kid. The crying, the mischief,the playing in the dirt and what not. It's hard work. What is amusing is the look on the parents' faces when kids are up to mischief..PISSED OFF!! they seem to take it personal..but later on when the person grows up and the phase flies by, parents have a difficult time letting the person go!!Like that first time in pre-school, a kid will always cling to the mother's leg and the teacher has to tussle to get the kid into class..and that normally last for a week or two, and this is the time the teacher says, "don't worry this happens a wont be like this for long"
But when the toddler gets into the teenage years, and hormones start doing all the thinking and the attitude changes, parents will at times start thinking the kid hates them..funny the way life turns out to be.

Darius Rucker - It wont be like this for long

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