Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting for you..

Waiting For You by ~jjap on deviantART
There's no such thing as the perfect it's hard for me to understand when someone tells me that they are waiting for the right person and that he/she is gonna
remain virgins until they get married or meet the right person.How the hell do you justify that? To me it makes more sence when you are just spontaneous and let the universe do its thing instead of being a relationship obsessive compulsive idiot.
Because when worse comes to worst you change your mind and move on..change is embedded in our DNA system, thats why people get bored..its natural..thats why people get tired of routine..its natural...thats why people's nnatural...thats why people get tired of missionary position its natural
there's nothing just saying..
You will keep waiting..and when you finaly get that right person, you find out it aint the right person..then WHAT!!

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