Thursday, March 18, 2010

Album of the week..

Dashboard Confessional - Alter the ending

Ever since i heard these guys at the end credits of the spiderman sequel, i was reeled in with chris carraba's powerful emo vocals and i qucikly googled the for the spiderman soundtrack to find out who sang the song "vindicated" and i was welcomed to Dashboard confessional, and since then i've been a fan and a big follower, what i like about this album though (not being an ass kisser here) is that it's actually
hard to skip any song on this album, there's no filler, it jjust keeps getting better on every repeat. and with powerful vocals and good instrumentation (its a double album, with the second being an acoustic version of the album) these guys
will have a good following..
Dashboard confessional - belle of the boulevard

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