Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Forever may you run..

Forever May You Run by *jcspenny on deviantART
"Success is the best revenge" but perseverence is hard to maintain if you have too many distrations. Thats why it's good to do things one step at a time, multi-tasking is overated, fuck what you heard. Doing ten things at the same time is not the sane as doing something now, and moving on to the next one. Take this as an example: King Solomon had a thousand concubines, Denzel washington has one wife. Sure a thousand concubines sounds like fun and everything, but then there's gornorrhea and his cousin syphillis..
So despite what is being said by these idiots about the world ending in 2012, im gonna take it easy on myself, i aint rushing nowhere. Where someone ends, i begin. because thats how life works.Someone jumps ship, you sail. someone fails, you persevere. It's ying and yang for eternity till inertia intrudes.

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