Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here comes goodbye..

Long destance relationships, like orgasms dont last long. If there's any idiot out there that believes
otherwise, Don king will be the next american president. Sure at first couples will always be talking about
"i'll call you everyday of the week" and that normally works for the first three weeks..then it changes to "twice a week" and before you know it, it's voicemail time, and the chicken comes home to roost!
The fact of the matter is that any idiot with half a brain will tell you that routine is a pain in the ass. talkin on the phone is not the same as seeing the person eye to eye, going to the park and feeding pigeons together, or laughing at that monkey that shitted itself at the zoo.
Next time it happens to you, just accept it like a man, move on..

Rascal flatts - here comes goodbye

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