Friday, May 14, 2010

Gimme sympathy..

A hundred dollars for every namibian, regardless of wealthy or poor the person might be? that's the most annoying sarcasm i've ever heard, and when i enquired, i was told its wasnt sarcasm, but it was in fact serious..Seriously? what the hell are you smoking?
A collective know as big came up with a proposal, to give every namibian a hundred dollar bill, which would apparently sustain them during trying times (hunger,being broke..among other things). Apart from the humorous scathing comments made by the president a few weeks ago about this issue, i have some comments of my own and why i think it's ridiculous how this whole thing was la-d out in the beginning.
What this "BIG" collective were supporse to focus at on their blueprint was to look at salary scales of people in the country and those who are considered disadvanted as priority number one, similar to the welfare grants/food stamps that have worked for countries like the united states, instead of giving 100 dollar bills to the so-called "fat cats" or already advantaged people who might not need the money.. this would eventually also help pensioners get reasonable grants monthly to sustain themselves in this ever rising inflation infested history of politics a government is never to be too sympathetic to whoever cries "gimme sympathy" it's a sign of weakness..because at the end of the day, if these individuals turn out to be crying wolf, the government loses millions of dollars (look at what happened to Zimbabwe when land was given to dudes who have no clue about farming). So it's not to say that it's not a good idea, but to me it seemed more like an idea which was still in a brainstorming it's back to the drawing board for "BIG!"

Metric - gimme sympathy

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