Friday, May 7, 2010

Hometown glory..

It happens wherever you go, "homeground advantage" we call it. when you are in your hometown the love you get is astounding, from the love you get from everybody around, people you havent seen in a while. It's almost paradise. even in soccer, look at the love manchester gets in old will notice certain individuals, who are desperate to go back to their hometowns, because thats their utopia, where they are confident and well respected, and they can rant about their imaginary success "in the big city" . you will notice that these characters, avoid persons who know them well, and every once in a while when they meet the latter, it's often hilarious the way they react..Kind of reminds me of the series LOST where there's a character named "Locke" who's like a commando on the island where they are lost at. But when he hears that there could be a submarine to rescue them from the island, he panics and blows up the sub. he doesnt wanna go back to the real world..hilarious!!!
It's all good and fun, but the trick is to get out before the chips are down, it's good to get out while it's still nice, so that you have an excuse to come back again...come to think of it..i havent been there in a while, i gotta go pack my bags and go see my hometown..

adele - hometown glory

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