Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They get around..

William wallace...ahem, mel gibson's out of control..dude's been insecure since he got involved with that baby mama of his, at one point he said he wouldnt care if she got raped by a pack of niggers(yes, his words)..what is the moral of the story here? everybody's racist when they are angry, i dont care who you are but its the truth, apologising doesnt help!!it's like raping someone and saying you didnt mean it..of course you did, thats why you did it, otherwise you wouldnt be in jail in the first place now would you..my advice to mel gibson is that "if you wanna be happy, for at least a little while, get involved with women in your age bracket" at least then you'll have to worry about infidelity, cause they are old as you...jesus, and this is the guy that made Braveheart, what a loser!!

Mp3:Jeff Chery - They Get Around

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