Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wasting my time..

Earthquake by ~maddartist83 on deviantART

So the guy wakes up with a hangover and starts blabbing about how namibia's gonna have a tremendous earthquake in my home country..obviously the first thing every one can believe, if not answers from a google search, its everything from the mouths of these so called television "prophets" who claim to get messages from god.
For a minute a few hours there was a lot of hysteria..and chaos on facebook!!! annoying the hell of me.
My first question to the whole thing when i saw the video on youtube was, howcome homeboy looks like a muslim, but is talking about "god" this and "god" that? i thought muslims were supposed to say "allah" this, and "allah" that..
At the end of the day, what i thought to myself after this whole fiasco, was that this whole thing can be regarded as terrorism..because the guy basically terrorised the people of namibia..and that goes out to all the "prophets" come they dont predict good things, only bad time this guy does it again, im gonna light that beard on fire..stop wasting my time!!!

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