Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dream of carlifornication

Somehow in between listening to nas’s new joint and watching carlifornication & life I managed to get out to the movies and see hancock. It’s not so bad just as I had expected from a will smith flick(excerpt that robot movie) but it had a few continuity issues here and there and it did not fully explain his (hancock) history. Everybody dreams they could fly once in a while, hell I dream im flying everyday...but you don’t see flying drunkards saving people everyday, so it was interesting to see a movie based in that perspective.

The weather seems to have settled down again after tormenting every person who likes galavanting last week, I personally hope it stays this way, because im just starting to get tired of this F*kin unpredictable weather in this mutha, this weather’s just like kanye west not winning at any award show, you never know what to expect.

If you haven’t seen the new series called “life” and “carlifornication” I suggest you get yourself a bigger hardrive and start looking for these series on limewire. They are entertaining in ways you cant imagine. Im sure most people will relate, those who don’t? get a hobby will yah! You take life too seriously.

Red hot chili peppers - californication

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