Thursday, July 3, 2008

No Traffic..

pic is feel dizzy by karil @ deviant art

Its friday again..seems the cold has crept back again and damn ots cold like a mother!If the weather continues like this, the namibian population is gonna double by early next year, mating season son! when its this cold its when temptation gets the better of you, u wanna just do it raw! like you in the zoo or somethin'
go ahead and try it and live the next few years of your life under extreme agony...
Speed kills, its always good to keep this in mind during weekends..mutha's be speedin to show off..CALM THE FUCK DWN SON!
think about other lives you gon' before you do your dumb 360 spin
and live the rest of your life in agonizing regret!! Slow down son! there's no traffic..


Little Brother

EMC - No Traffic ft Little Brother

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