Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Give me something to believe...

Many people got sick during this time of winter. From your boss to your maid, people had a lot in common; they all got sick and tended to show same symptoms. Now one has to wonder, when all people in such a state are forced to trust doctors or shamans (witchdoctors, for the literature impaired). You can’t help but wonder sometimes, whether the medicine you get is really gonna make you feel better. Doctors just tend to check here and there and they are all done and prescribing some weird medication you have trouble spelling. I can’t help but start thinking they just keep prescribing placebos. Because I keep taking the medication but I there’s no signs of change. Given the fact that placebos have been simmering in medicine since the early days of the medicine, you have to ask yourself whether you are receiving real medicine or just drugs to make you believe that you are getting better, after taking them. So next time you go see a doctor, you have to ask your self “what’s the difference between doctors and con artists?”

The Bravery - Believe

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