Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gentleman's affair

Kudos to windhoek lager for snatching Louis Gossett jr. to
do promos for the best beer in all of southern africa. This is definetly a good move in terms of international sales. He Is A well respected actor who has won a supporting actor academy award, and a well-known prominent figure featured in a lot of afro-centric feature films..

Hell..namibia breweries(whk lager especially)has already achieved its goal(in terms of sales in africa) now they are simply expanding their horizons to the world at large..and with Louis Gossett on tv doing promos for this shindig, i'm guessing there's gonna
be a alot of money for Namibia Breweries to squander on competitions for all namibian drunkards marauding the nights of the city that is windhoek..

The Game ft Ne-yo - Gentleman's Affair

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