Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time is now..

Who gets to decide what time it is or what day of the week it is.the earth keeps rotating around the sun, so in essence there is only one day through out. But we are so fixated on the notion of day and night that it ends up f**kin' with our mindset.
always out there thinkin' "oh man tomorrow is the start of a new week" or "tommorow is the day i hate the most" In reality there aint no tommorrow, just now!! it just gets a bit confusing though when you dig deep into it. It could be friday thoughout for all we know for crying out loud.

very interesting how we adapt to the things we create as a society, like making choices to do certain things only during daylight and certain things during night. Even if you sleep during the day for seven hours, you are not gonna stay up all night, you still gonna fall asleep sometime at night godwilling.

More deeper reading on the illusion of time click here to get a perspective from Leigh Brasington (a dude who takes time to be a fallacy..

Moloko- the time is now

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