Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the winner is..

And the winner man..the first black president of the united states,self declared "little skinny black boy with a funny name",yours trully, Barack Obama has ignited hope and inspiration in people accross the world, america proves once again that, through obstacles one can still achieve his goals, And Mccain gave a very powerful example of this through his speech this morningEven though he faces many challenges ahead, i hope he continues to inspire the uninspired and give hope to those who feel like letting go. It's also kinda cool that Kenyan head of state Mwai Kibaki is gonna declare tomorrow (thursday) a holiday in Kenya to pay tribute to Obama..on that note i sign of with a fist raised above high..

Jay-Z -Roc Boys (and the winner is..)
Jay-Z ft. Nas - Success

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