Friday, November 28, 2008

Somebody's watching me..

Phones by ~skaska on deviantART
So the state has come up with a bill termed a 'spy clause' to bug all phone calls we make or receive, at a time when our faith in democracy is waning day by day. i mean i cant even be myself on the phone no more, because them black suits will be listening to everythin' on the phone..what is gonna be the diffrence between the state and peeping toms.. whatever happened to that thing called freedom of speech? or was it just a myth? last time i checked, one had the freedom to say whatever they wanted and on whatever platform he/she wished to do so, without some black suit scrutinizing everything.
if this bill is put approved a lot of people's lives will be at risk, especial journalists and their sources, just like the same crap that happens in zimbabwe..what the hell it aint gonna be democracy..but its gonna be more like that "Big Brother" bullshit i hate so much, and before you know it i'll be called into some diary room and get a smack upside my head..for writing this!

Rockwell ft. Michael Jackson - Somebody's watching me

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