Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Behind the cow..

In the words of lewis black "this country has finally lost its mind"
I mean who in the hell fornicates with a cow, how's that even possible?
I lost a lot of sleep for just trying to think about it..i know a lot of people who are insecure when it comes to approaching women, but come on this is taking it a bit too far dont you think..some punk went and f**ked a cow and it gave birth to what appeared to be human-cow (complete with a human face, and hands and a tail), scary stuff. sounds like something out of a steven king novel or some sh*t. Only in caprivi!! the land of guys with supernatural powers (this is not a compliment)

whoever did this gives heart-throb caprivians like us a bad name and he should be cremated alive..
i mean i'd rather pay for sex than think of even atempting that stunt this fool pulled.word of advice to all sexual deviants, bestiality is not a hobby, if you start thinking of doing something like that, that's when you have to get your head examined..seriously what is wrong with people these days where's the pride.

scooter - Behind the cow

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