Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slow down..

by Donramill

Either we are going back to the stone age or hopefully it's just a phase, because drivers everywhere (epecially here,windhoek) are starting to behave like neanderthals. People reach traffic lights and just speed through that motherf**ker and its about to turn red..where are your manners? do you drive like that on your planet? i mean what's so important that you need to get to and risk the lives of people other than yourself, what? did you shit yourself or you just ate bad beans last night and you forgot to take a sh*t in the morning? and you are now in dire need of a lavatory? come on man...besides that's what being late means.That you are late.Even if you speed up you are already late, late is late and that is that god dammn time learn to switch off your tv early and get rid of that remote..sleep early, wake up early go to work early and evrybody's happy..

Wyclef ft. T.I - Slow Down

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