Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Man..i swear i if hear another fool talk about their resolution for the year i better have an raptured aneurism in my brain, because if i dont.. i'm gonna slap the taste out of any fool who tells me their cheesy ass pledges for the year.
These are some of the ones i get to hear every year:

1. "I'm going to quit drinking this year"
This is probably the most irritating, unoriginal, cheeziest line i keep hearing every year, i mean F**k if you blew you money drinking dont try to rush and cover up that fact, just to be assumed to be a responsible person..talk is cheap! i'll believe when i see it damn it.what people instead ignore to mention is that "damn january is a mutha..i'm not gon drink because i aint got sh** and i'm waiting to get back on my feet again..and until then i'm gonna chill on the alcohol"

2."Settle all my debts"
now this one is just plain stupid.. i mean everybody knows that as long as you are a tax payer debts are always gonna be there..true story you cant live without debts man trust me all you can do is probably settle your damn arrears and what have you cant buy everything cash man..thats a figment of your imagination..

3. "Eat healthy!"
you are still alive arent you? i mean if you werent eating healthy i could've been at your cremation last year, so stop being so conceited, because believe me there are far worse issues happening to people and you dont wanna know..

4."Have a new look"
straight bullshit! who you trying to be man?be your self dawg.. as long as you took a shower, got some good clothes (prince pants dont count), your breath dont stink, cologne and roll-on you straight bruh..

5."Change my attitude"
well..that depends on what you mean by attitude..if you mean you are in your mid thirties and you are still wearing baggy jeans and durags then yah you definetely need to grow up dawg..its about time you had a wake up call...you aint a kid no more..GROW UP!
So next time you try to tell me your resolutions think it through..come up with something original..or keep it to yourself..you dont need to tell me just hang the list in you room somewhere..and maintain it

Blu - Maintain

Bishop Lamont - Grow Up (Produced By Dr. Dre)

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