Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new day..

Obama bio cover by ~Eldelgado on deviantART

Obama by ~whyamitheconvict on deviantART

Barack Obama 01 by =StudioFovea on deviantART

Barack Obama 02 by =StudioFovea on deviantART

President Obama by *Omega300m on deviantART

OBAMA by *spacecoyote on deviantART
Today marks a day that's bound to go down in history as President elect Barack Obama officially becomes America's commander in chief. It seems Martin Luther King Jr's speech has indeed been realised, and this becomes a monumental moment that will forever be embedded in everybody's minds.I now wonder what Immortal Techniq and other rappers are gonna rap about..but let's wait and see if there truely will be a change in terms of foreign policy and what have you in the coming months..its not gonna be easy, but hey! nobody said it would be easy..

Wyclef ft. Bono - A New Day

Will.iam - Yes We Can

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