Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Day..

a bad day by ~quemas on deviantART
That's why life is so good. i mean you get to have bad days when literally everything is just going from bad to worse and nothing at all goes in your favor. It gets you to thinking. Of all the 8 billion plus people in the world, the odds are just against you on that particular day. Nothing like..oh just one thing goes wrong today and then everything goes back to normal, but no the whole day man..what the f**K!?
Can you imagine an existence without bad days though? Man i cant.. the world would be boring man! you cant be happy all the time.It's impossible.Just the mere thought of it is despicable.You can smile like Ronaldhino everyday, but behind closed doors you'll be throwing tantrums like a cheerleader, talking to yourself furiously.
I get to thinking sometimes, that this whole heaven-happily-ever-after thing they talk about in the bible is maybe just a metaphor for something else and is not to be taken literally..sooner or later everybody's gonna have a bad day when sh** hits the fan, period!

R.E.M - Bad Day

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