Thursday, January 15, 2009

How i met your mother..

The title of the sitcom kinda threw me away the first time i heard of it. i thought it was some kind of middle age melo-drama filled with sob stories about a middle aged man's midlife crisis. so i ignored it until a little while back i watched it and i havent laghed so hard since george bush's shoe incident last month. It's very original and funny..all these other tired sitcoms dont even come close..and the funny thing is that everybody can relate to Ted, the protagonist and it wouldnt be good without Barney, the funniest of the bunch, all his scenes are gotta see..

"i'm surrounded by Idiots..idiots!" - Barney

The Chain of screaming..season 3-episode 15

this is on on my top ten list of sitcoms..its a breath of fresh air..priceless!!

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